Accessing AP Biology Textbook Resources Online

Accessing AT Biology Textbook Resources Online 2014-2015
Second Try!
1. Go to
2. You will need the following access code: SSNAST-SLUNK-MOUSY-PRIVY-RIGOT-BLASE
3. Enter the first 6 letters of the access code and then click “Enter Code”
4. Click on “Covered Titles”
5. Click on “Science”
6. Click on “Campbell, Biology 8e MasteringBiology (For 5e–8e users)”.
7. Click on “Student Registration”
8. Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy and click on “I accept” on the bottom right.
9. Follow the rest of the online directions using the access code above in step 2.
10. You may need the Course ID at some point during the registration: MBCHEN45069
11. Now you can access the textbook resources online. To do so, go to
12. Click on the cover of our textbook.
13. Click on “Sign In”
14. Enter your username and password