Plant Study Guide

Plant Study Guide
Test on Thursday, April 28th
1. Parts of a Plant:
*Be able to identify each part of the plant and tell what each part
 leaves
from the air
 flowers
– where food is made, take in carbon dioxide
– attract bees and insects to pollinate the
 stems
– support the upper parts of the plant, carry water
and nutrients to the leaves
 roots
– anchors the plant in the soil, takes water and
minerals from the soil
 seeds
– contains a tiny embryo that becomes a new
2. What a Plant Needs to Grow: sunlight, air (carbon dioxide),
water, soil, and nutrients
3. Life Cycle of a Plant:
1. The seed splits open and the embryo begin to grow.
2. The roots and stem of the plant grow.
3. Leaves grow on the plant.
4. Flowers grow on the plant.
5. Plants are pollinated with the help of insects, wind, or
6. Fruit and new seeds are made by the plant.
7. The plant dies.
4. Plants provide many things that we use in our daily lives.
Ex. oxygen, clothes, houses, medicine, paper, and food