Section 3.1 Review Sheet Vocabulary and Main Concepts Cell

Section 3.1 Review Sheet
Vocabulary and Main Concepts
Cell Theory (p. 71) – Very important concept!
Know all parts
Cytoplasm (p. 71)
Organelle (p. 72)
Prokaryotic cell (p. 72)
Eukaryotic cell (p. 72)
Review Questions
1. What are the two types of cells?
2. What does a eukaryotic cell have that a prokaryotic cell does not (name at least two things)?
3. What is an organelle?
4. What is cytoplasm? Where is a Prokaryotes DNA? Where is Eukaryotes DNA?
5. Your cells are what kind of cells?
6. Prokaryotes are what kind of organism (hint, they cause infection)
7. What tool did scientists use to gather observations to form the cell theory?
8. Who invented the compound microscope? (Not on test but how old was he?)
9. Who discovered bacteria?
10. What characteristics are shared by most cells?
11. In what way are cells similar to atoms?
12. Would a poison that kills human cells by blocking pores in the nuclear membrane also kill
13. An electron micrograph reveals the detailed structures of a cell. It is surrounded by a double
membrane and is filled with membrane-bound compartments inside. This cell must be a(n) . .
14. What are the three parts to cell theory? You must commit these to memory.