Daily Spiral Review 3.5


Daily Spiral Review

3 rd Grade 3.5

Stephanie Turnbow

Choose the best answer.

Isabelle scored 528 points and Brandy scored 285 points in the same game. Which is the best estimate for how many more points Isabelle scored than Brandy?

A 200

B 300

C 700

D 800

Choose the best answer.

Pedro is going to piano practice. Which of the following is the best estimate of the length of time that Pedro will be at piano practice?

A 1 minutes

B 1 day

C 1 second

D 1 hour

Choose the best answer.

Joylin is subtracting 97 – 43. She adds 4 + 43 before subtracting. What will she need to do?

A Subtract 4 from the difference.

B Add 4 to the difference.

C Just find the difference.

D Subtract 2 from the difference.

What does point A represent on the number line below?


20 30


Kiki scored 27 points, Tanya scored 11 points, and Penelope scored 8 points.

How many points did they score all together? 46

How many more points did Kiki score than

Tanya and Penelope combined? 8

Is Kiki and Tanya’s combined score greater or less than Kiki and Penelope’s combined score? Kiki and Tanya’s scores are greater