CNC Machining

CNC Machining
MAE 165
Mohammed Albuali
Kevin Hung
John Shamblin
CNC Overview
• Computer Numerical Control machining is
a subtractive method
• 5 axes of control at most, 3 axes of control
at the UC, Irvine CNC machine
• Tolerance limits are determined by
accuracy of x-y tables
• CNC has the highest relative tolerances of
any manufacturing method
• Produce model of part using SolidWorks
or AutoCAD, this is saved as a CAD file
• Convert CAD file to CAM file
• Put CAM file into CNC machine
• Ensure that the x-y table is level and
Raw Material
• For the demonstration: Al - 7”x7”x.25”
• Determine dimensions of and mount work
• Find x=0 and y=0 coordinates a corner of the work piece
using the edge finder
• Find relative height of each tool using the dial indicator
and input measurement into CNC machine
Tool List
• Select tools and place in collets
• Arrange tool in order to be used
• Run CAM file on the CNC machine
• Change tools when prompted
• Use jets and lubricants were needed to
cool work piece
Finishing Piece
• Perform tertiary operations after removing
from CNC machine
• Clean off lubricants
• Clean up lab