Bunsen Burner ppt amelias - mySchool-Yr7

Outer Cone
Inner Cone
Rubber hose
Make sure your area is free of anything
 Always check that the gas is off when
not using the Bunsen burner.
 Have long hair tied back.
• Heatproof mat
•Bunsen Burner
• Safety glasses
Place Bunsen Burner on
heatproof mat.
Check the rubber hose for
any cracks and splits.
Twist rubber hose onto
the gas outlet.
Make sure the Bunsen Burner hole
on the collar is closed.
Get Matches and light one, hold
match over the top of the Bunsen
Burner while you turn the gas on.
Now the Bunsen Burner
should be going.
Use the safety flame when
you are using the test tube.
Use the open flame when
you are using the wire.
1- Turn gas off, that should make the flame go out.
2- let it cool for a couple of minutes.
3- pull the tube off the gas outlet carefully.
4- Put everything away how you found it.