Writing Science Practical Reports

Writing Science Practical
Year 7 Science
Water Boils!
Today I heated some water up. It went really hot.
What does this report REALLY tell you about the
practical work completed? Does it tell you anything
about how the person did the practical? Does it tell
how they made it safe?
An investigation into heating water with a
Bunsen burner
Aim: To find out if water boils when heated with a Bunsen burner
Prediction: I think that the water will boil in a shorter time if I increase the
temperature of the Bunsen burner flame
Variables: Time, how hot the Bunsen flame is, size of beaker, amount of
I will change how hot the Bunsen flame is and keep all the other variables the
Equipment List: Bunsen burner, heat proof mat, tripod, gauze, 100 ml water,
Method: I put a Bunsen burner onto a heat proof mat. I put a tripod over the
Bunsen burner and placed a gauze on top of the tripod. I then placed 100 ml
of water into the glass beaker and placed this onto the gauze. I lit the Bunsen
burner on the safety flame and then opened the air hole to a quarter open. I
heated the water and timed how long it took for the water to boil. I then
repeated these instructions but with the air hole half open.