CHM 101 Laboratory Practical 2

CHM 101 Laboratory Practical #2
Identifying an Unknown Solid
Perform tests to prove or disprove that solid Compound “A” is NaCl (s).
In addition to equipment located in your 101 lab drawer, the following materials listed
are available for use for this activity. However, not all of the materials listed in the table
are necessary to complete this activity. These materials have been placed on the reagent
List of Available Materials
Unknown solid “A”
Disposable transfer pipets
Flame Test Loop
Bunsen burner, ring stand and flint lighter
Spot plates
Litmus paper
List of Common Insoluble Compounds
0.1 M Pb(NO3)2
0.1 M AgNO3
6 M HCl
1 M NaOH
0.1 M Na2CO3
Electronic Balance
Periodic Table
Metals waste container in fume hood