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Lighting a Bunsen burner safely

Year 7 Science – Lighting a Bunsen Burner safely
Follows a sequence of instructions to safely undertake investigations collaboratively and
individually, ensuring safety and ethical guidelines are followed.
Conduct an experiment to light a Bunsen burner – light a Bunsen burner and obtain licence
By safely turning the Bunsen burner on, starting with a yellow flame, then a blue flame. Students
making observations about a yellow flame then a blue flame.
Students demonstrate knowledge about parts of a Bunsen Burner by labelling one and telling the
purpose of each part. Students demonstrate safety in handling matches and flames, with hair tied
back, careful handling. Students work together in groups to collaboratively assist each other in
conducting safe experiments.
WS: Safety in the Lab fill-in the blanks
Bunsen burners
Match boxes
Post-it notes
Ayah, Megan Anaia
Lachlan, Jordan
John, Tyger
Blake, Amir
Ibrahim, Hassan
Audrey, Zahraa
Maria, Salma
Start of the lesson:
Students in seating plan. Student assessment notifications given out.
Students read through main parts of the notification and know what they need to study in order
to achieve the outcomes. Explained by the teacher.
Middle of the lesson:
Safety in Lab worksheet – fit the right words in
Questions: which are the safety rules most important for Bunsen burners?
End of the lesson:
Rehearsal with lighting Bunsens
Red/Green parts of a Bunsen burner – too hot to touch
Post it notes – the parts of a Bunsen burner, the order of using a Bunsen burner