Sedgefield (32/33 / QP/PP: 32) Zondag 01 Maart 2015

Sedgefield (32/33 / QP/PP: 32) Zondag 01 Maart 2015
1e Koers 15:10uur - 4022 m
4e Koers 16:40uur - 4022 m
Wedmarkt: 13/8 Lovely Job, 100/30 Red Danaher, 4/1 Film Director,
11/2 Landmarque, 13/2 Ice 'N' Easy, 100/1 Classical Chloe
Wedmarkt: 5/2 Whatdoesthefoxsay, 9/2 Kashstaree, 9/2 Retrieve The
Stick, 9/2 Royal Moll, 11/2 Sparkling Hand, 7/1 Pixie Cut
Racingpost: Pluses and minuses about most of these, including RED
DANAHER, but he has shown promise in novice contests and is best
forgiven his latest defeat. Lovely Job has a penalty to carry,
Landmarque needs to be forgiven two big losses and Ice 'N' Easy has
been off for a while, so Film Director may be the biggest danger.[Stuart
Racingpost: KASHSTAREE lacked the pace to get seriously involved
last time but she showed plenty of stamina on the Flat and this longer
trip can help her get back to winning ways. Sparkling Hand and
Whatdoesthefoxsay are probably the main dangers.[Stuart Redding]
Postdata: Lovely Job
Spotlight: Red Danaher
RP Ratings: Lovely Job
Postdata: Retrieve The Stick
Spotlight: Kashstaree
RP Ratings: Sparkling Hand
Selecties GBI: 2 Whatdoesthefoxsay - 5 Kashstaree - 6 Pixie Cut - 3
Retrieve The Stick
Selecties GBI: 1 Lovely Job - 3 Ice 'n' Easy - 5 Red Danaher - 2 Film
5e Koers 17:10uur - 4424 m
2e Koers 15:40uur - 5530 m
Wedmarkt: 11/4 Sun Cloud, 11/4 Astigos, 100/30 Up And Go, 4/1
Montoya's Son, 6/1 Tahiti Pearl
Wedmarkt: 6/4 Imperial Vic, 4/1 Debt To Society, 11/2 Snapping Turtle,
11/2 Expanding Universe, 9/1 Caerlaverock, 10/1 Freedom Flying, 14/1
Filbert Fox, 100/1 Blue Cove
Racingpost: Imperial Vic is especially well treated if a tongue-tie can
help and last year's runner-up Caerlaverock is back to the same mark,
but both of them have enough to prove. A tough race may have left a
mark on recent Ffos Las winner Expanding Universe and SNAPPING
TURTLE appeals as the most solid option, even though soft ground
won't be ideal.[Stuart Redding]
Postdata: Expanding Universe
Spotlight: Snapping Turtle
RP Ratings: Expanding Universe
Selecties GBI: 3 Snapping Turtle - 5 Expanding Universe - 1 Debt To
Society - 2 Imperial Vic
3e Koers 16:10uur - 4022 m
Wedmarkt: 5/2 Degooch, 5/2 Houndscourt, 7/2 King Of Glory, 5/1
Saddlers Deal, 11/1 Gin Cobbler, 12/1 Troubled
Racingpost: Samantha Drake blamed the track when
HOUNDSCOURT (nap) was beaten at Market Rasen two starts back
but he is better here and remains on a decent mark. He is taken to defy
Degooch.[Stuart Redding]
Postdata: King Of Glory
Spotlight: Houndscourt
RP Ratings: Degooch
Topspeed: Saddlers Deal
Racingpost: A poor strike-rate limits appeal for Astigos, who otherwise
has plenty in his favour, so it may be worth going with MONTOYA'S
SON, a horse who certainly knows how to win and has thrived since
joining this yard.[Stuart Redding]
Postdata: Astigos
Spotlight: Montoya's Son
RP Ratings: Astigos
Topspeed: Astigos
Selecties GBI: 3 Astigos - 1 Sun Cloud - 5 Up And Go - 4 Montoya's
6e Koers 17:40uur - 3419 m
Wedmarkt: 9/2 Ardesia, 9/2 Tara Mac, 5/1 Copt Hill, 13/2 Mad For
Road, 7/1 Lost In Newyork, 8/1 Ellistrin Belle, 9/1 Beyondtemptation,
9/1 Sirpertan, 10/1 Most Honourable, 100/1 Direct Approach
Racingpost: SIRPETAN improved to finish third last time and that
suggests he is starting his handicap career on a workable mark. Mad
For Road certainly deserves to find a race but his record shows he is
not one to take a short price about.[Stuart Redding]
Postdata: Mad For Road
Spotlight: Sirpertan
RP Ratings: Mad For Road
Selecties GBI: 6 Lost In Newyork - 1 Tara Mac - 2 Ellistrin Belle - 7
Copt Hill
Selecties GBI: 1 Degooch - 2 King Of Glory - 3 Houndscourt - 4
Saddlers Deal
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Prijs: 6,40
Race 1 1 Lovely Job - 3 Ice 'n' Easy
Race 2 3 Snapping Turtle - 5 Expanding Universe
Race 3 1 Degooch - 2 King Of Glory
Race 4 2 Whatdoesthefoxsay - 5 Kashstaree
Race 5 3 Astigos - 1 Sun Cloud
Race 6 6 Lost In Newyork - 1 Tara Mac
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