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Bangor (34 / QP/PP: 34) Zaterdag 18 April 2015
1e Koers 14:50uur - 4826 m
4e Koers 16:35uur - 4927 m
Wedmarkt: 6/4 Powerstown Dreams, 3/1 Masterplan, 4/1 Imagine The
Chat, 9/1 Echo Springs, 16/1 Tanner Hill, 20/1 Fiveeightsaccount, 25/1
Rikerty Bridge, 25/1 All Flash No Cash, 40/1 Unseen
Wedmarkt: 3/1 Askamore Darsi, 7/2 Mission Complete, 9/2 Harris, 11/2
Leath Acra Mor, 7/1 Mister First, 15/2 Handsome Dan, 8/1 Bayley's
Racingpost: A strict line through the progressive Southfield Vic gives
Imagine The Chat a similar chance to POWERSTOWN DREAMS, but
the latter wouldn't have been at his best in his relevant run and if
producing it here on this more favourable ground he should be tough to
beat. Echo Springs is also respected.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Racingpost: Askamore Darsi is respected on this ground despite a
flattering second here last time in novice company but preference is for
MISTER FIRST, whose season is belatedly threatening to get going
and at this trip he probably wants this sort of ground. Harris is best of
the remainder.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Powerstown Dreams
Spotlight: Powerstown Dreams
Postdata: Askamore Darsi
Spotlight: Mister First
RP Ratings: Powerstown Dreams
RP Ratings: Harris
Selecties GBI: 6 Powerstown Dreams - 5 Masterplan - 4 Imagine The
Chat - 3 Fiveeightsaccount
Selecties GBI: 5 Bayley's Dream - 4 Handsome Dan - 3 Askamore
Darsi - 2 Leath Acra Mor
2e Koers 15:25uur - 4022 m
5e Koers 17:10uur - 4826 m
Wedmarkt: 4/1 Anginola, 9/2 Kilkenny Kim, 9/2 Daring Indian, 11/2 L
Stig, 11/2 Galactic Power, 15/2 Tantalized, 15/2 Lady Ra, 12/1 Bay
Fortuna, 100/1 Dr Darcey
Wedmarkt: 9/2 Sealous Scout, 11/2 Azure Aware, 11/2 Veripek, 7/1
Henri Parry Morgan, 7/1 Mighty Minnie, 9/1 Muckle Roe, 9/1 Hollow
Tree, 12/1 Teochew, 14/1 Underwritten, 14/1 Giveitachance, 14/1
Racingpost: A modest handicap in which clearcut Sedgefield winner
KILKENNY KIM edges preference, with a few factors behind that
improved showing, and there's good reason to believe she can repeat
the form here. Galactic Power also won nicely last time and could be
the danger, though Bay Fortuna finally gets the ground on which he
shaped okay in bumpers and also needs respecting.[Alistair
Postdata: Kilkenny Kim
Spotlight: Kilkenny Kim
RP Ratings: Kilkenny Kim
Selecties GBI: 4 Kilkenny Kim - 3 Bay Fortuna - 9 Tantalized - 2 Daring
3e Koers 16:00uur - 4022 m
Wedmarkt: 7/4 Highland River, 9/2 Pennies And Pounds, 5/1 Dan's
Quest, 7/1 Blue Sea Of Ibrox, 8/1 Eddy, 12/1 French Canadian, 12/1
General Ross, 20/1 Irish Octave, 20/1 Truckers Highway
Racingpost: DAN'S QUEST was a market springer when a
much-improved second on his handicap debut at Chepstow last
Saturday and looks a leading contender off only 1lb higher under similar
conditions here. Pennies And Pounds was runner-up in a C&D
handicap in December and is open to further progress on her return.
Truckers Highway is more risky but he could benefit from a drop in trip
and return to better ground on only his second handicap run.[David
Postdata: Dan's Quest
Spotlight: Dan's Quest
RP Ratings: Eddy
Racingpost: Mighty Man's sister MIGHTY MINNIE (nap) is up to
winning races herself and her handicap effort here two runs back, when
a clear third behind two subsequent winners, reads well given she didn't
quite see out the trip (3m) on that softer ground. Muckle Roe and
Allbarnone are next best.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Hollow Tree
Spotlight: Mighty Minnie
RP Ratings: Mighty Minnie
Topspeed: Giveitachance
Selecties GBI: 5 Azure Aware - 11 Underwritten - 4 Muckle Roe - 10
6e Koers 17:45uur - 4122 m
Wedmarkt: 11/4 Bearly Legal, 3/1 Degooch, 9/2 Steel Summit, 11/2
Major Milborne, 7/1 The Banastoir, 9/1 Hatters River, 12/1 Gray
Racingpost: BEARLY LEGAL has won four of his five starts since a
tongue-tie has been applied and this progressive chaser has strong
claims under a penalty for his smooth win at Carlisle on Tuesday.
Degooch scored in decent style on his return last month and is
respected off 4lb higher for an in-form yard, while Steel Summit should
give it a good shot stepped back up in trip and Major Milborne is still
feasibly treated if he can get back near his best.[David Moon]
Postdata: Degooch
Spotlight: Bearly Legal
RP Ratings: Steel Summit
Topspeed: Steel Summit
Selecties GBI: 1 Bearly Legal - 7 Gray Hession - 6 The Banastoir - 5
Hatters River
Selecties GBI: 1 French Canadian - 7 Pennies And Pounds - 6 General
Ross - 5 Irish Octave
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Race 1 6 Powerstown Dreams - 5 Masterplan
Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 1 Bearly Legal - 7 Gray Hession
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