Lingfield (A.W) (34/35 / QP/PP: 34) Zaterdag 11 April

Lingfield (A.W) (34/35 / QP/PP: 34) Zaterdag 11 April 2015
1e Koers 14:15uur - 1409 m
4e Koers 16:00uur - 2413 m
Wedmarkt: 7/4 Fire And Passion, 11/4 Conflicting Advice, 5/1 Marmot,
8/1 Dark Light, 10/1 Silver Lining, 11/1 Whoopsy Daisy, 12/1 Peeps,
40/1 Fight Knight, 100/1 Show Me The Bar, 100/1 Bounty Bah
Wedmarkt: 11/4 Gold Trail, 11/2 Storm Force Ten, 6/1 Trip To Paris,
6/1 Notarised, 6/1 Afonso De Sousa, 13/2 Fire Fighting, 8/1 Jacob Cats,
16/1 Al Destoor
Racingpost: There doesn't look a great deal of depth to this maiden
and FIRE AND PASSION will be hard to beat if confirming his debut
promise. Conflicting Advice and Marmot are open to improvement, and
Dark Light is a newcomer to note, but they may have to run to quite a
useful level.[Ron Wood]
Racingpost: It's not narrowing it down by much but the top five on the
card and the bottom weight all need to be seriously considered, with
FIRE FIGHTING the top pick. He can be difficult to settle, but the
booking of Adam Kirby for the first time is a positive move, while the
horse also gets new headgear, and these conditions are more suitable
than last time. He certainly has the ability to win this. His stablemate
Notarised may give him most to do.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Fire And Passion
Spotlight: Fire And Passion
RP Ratings: Fire And Passion
Selecties GBI: 1 Bounty Bah - 7 Show Me The Bar - 6 Marmot - 5 Fire
And Passion
Postdata: Gold Trail
Spotlight: Fire Fighting
RP Ratings: Gold Trail
Topspeed: Gold Trail
2e Koers 14:50uur - 1409 m
Selecties GBI: 5 Trip To Paris - 4 Notarised - 3 Gold Trail - 2 Fire
Wedmarkt: 3/1 Light Rose, 7/2 West Leake, 4/1 Teen Ager, 11/2 Mac's
Power, 6/1 Maymyo, 6/1 Indus Valley
5e Koers 16:40uur - 1610 m
Racingpost: There's a case for most of these but MAYMYO is the least
exposed and makes most appeal. Light Rose is second choice.[Ron
Postdata: West Leake
Spotlight: Maymyo
RP Ratings: Light Rose
Topspeed: West Leake
Selecties GBI: 5 Teen Ager - 3 Maymyo - 2 Light Rose - 1 Mac's
Wedmarkt: 5/2 Lexington Times, 5/2 Fanciful Angel, 5/1 Spanish
Squeeze, 5/1 Misterioso, 8/1 Star Asset, 9/1 Dancetrack
Racingpost: Misterioso and SPANISH SQUEEZE are a couple of
smart prospects and probably the ones to concentrate on, with the latter
taken to prove best.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Lexington Times
Spotlight: Spanish Squeeze
RP Ratings: Fanciful Angel
Topspeed: Fanciful Angel
3e Koers 15:25uur - 1207 m
Selecties GBI: 3 Fanciful Angel - 2 Dancetrack - 1 Lexington Times - 6
Star Asset
Wedmarkt: 7/4 Fullon Clarets, 5/2 Quintus Cerialis, 6/1 Bushephalus,
15/2 Pomme De Guerre, 8/1 Robero, 11/1 O Dee, 22/1 Mary Ann Bugg,
25/1 Lord Yatesbury
6e Koers 17:45uur - 1409 m
Racingpost: Fullon Clarets and Quintus Cerialis are the form horses,
but BUSHEPHALUS may be open to more improvement. Pomme De
Guerre could also build on his debut and get involved.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Fullon Clarets
Spotlight: Bushephalus
RP Ratings: Fullon Clarets
Selecties GBI: 6 Quintus Cerialis - 5 Pomme de Guerre - 4 O Dee - 2
Fullon Clarets
Wedmarkt: 4/1 Tijan, 9/2 Nigel's Destiny, 13/2 Ifwecan, 7/1 Major
Crispies, 9/1 Ishiamber, 9/1 Firmdecisions, 10/1 Cool Bahamian, 11/1
City Of Angkor Wat, 12/1 Accession, 16/1 Valbchek, 16/1 Swiss Cross,
22/1 Bravo Echo
Racingpost: It's hard to be strong on any of these, and there's some
unreliable types among them, MAJOR CRISPIES included. However,
this horse is handicapped to win, gets a positive jockey booking and the
headgear is removed, so maybe everything will fall into place. Tijan can
reverse maiden form with Nigel's Destiny and the Godolphin runner is
second choice.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Major Crispies
Spotlight: Major Crispies
RP Ratings: Firmdecisions
Topspeed: Major Crispies
Selecties GBI: 10 Cool Bahamian - 3 Accession - 9 Major Crispies - 2
Bravo Echo
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Race 1 1 Bounty Bah - 7 Show Me The Bar
Race 2 6 West Leake - 5 Teen Ager
Race 3 2 Fullon Clarets - 6 Quintus Cerialis
Race 4 3 Gold Trail - 7 Al Destoor
Race 5 3 Fanciful Angel - 1 Lexington Times
Race 6 10 Cool Bahamian - 3 Accession
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