Musselburgh (30/31 / QP/PP: 30) Zondag 05 April 2015

Musselburgh (30/31 / QP/PP: 30) Zondag 05 April 2015
1e Koers 14:50uur - 1609 m
4e Koers 16:25uur - 3218 m
Wedmarkt: 100/30 Indian Giver, 11/2 Chief Executive, 11/2 Monte
Cassino, 13/2 Nelson's Bay, 7/1 Galilee Chapel, 7/1 Rioja Day, 7/1
Keene's Pointe, 8/1 Prostate Awareness, 66/1 Oriental Dream
Wedmarkt: 4/1 Lady Kashaan, 4/1 Streets Of Newyork, 6/1 Handiwork,
15/2 Be Perfect, 9/1 Corton Lad, 10/1 Nashville, 11/1 Royal Signaller,
11/1 Bright Abbey, 12/1 Mr Snoozy, 14/1 Precision Strike, 25/1 Braes
Of Lochalsh, 33/1 Maraweh, 40/1 Scrapper Smith
Racingpost: INDIAN GIVER is of strong interest on the pick of her
2014 form - including her Hamilton win in July off only 2lb lower than
today - and ran a very promising race on the AW recently on her
second start this year. Trip and ground here are fine and she makes a
fair bit of appeal in a far-from-competitive race. Nelson's Bay may be
the main danger, ahead of Galilee Chapel. [Mel Cullinan]
Postdata: Galilee Chapel
Spotlight: Indian Giver
RP Ratings: Nelson's Bay
Selecties GBI: 1 Prostate Awareness - 7 Galilee Chapel - 6 Monte
Cassino - 5 Indian Giver
Racingpost: STREETS OF NEW YORK is of strong interest on some
good efforts in competitive 1m4f handicaps in the first half of last
season while a series of good, progressive efforts here over hurdles this
winter raise strong hopes that he will be a better horse again on the Flat
this year. He is well worth another go at 2m on the Flat judging by the
way he was seeing out those 1m4f races while this isn't the most
demanding of circuits either. He can take this decent prize, possibly at
the main expense of Handiwork and Lady Kashaan, winner of the 2013
Musselburgh Gold Cup when it was run at 1m6f. [Mel Cullinan]
2e Koers 15:25uur - 1435 m
Postdata: Streets Of Newyork
Spotlight: Streets Of Newyork
RP Ratings: Lady Kashaan
Topspeed: Streets Of Newyork
Wedmarkt: 3/1 Hellbender, 7/2 Sewn Up, 5/1 Smalljohn, 13/2 Jebel
Tara, 13/2 Opt Out, 8/1 Novalist, 11/1 Thrust Control, 16/1 Blue Jacket
Selecties GBI: 5 Scrapper Smith - 11 Precision Strike - 4 Corton Lad 10 Handiwork
5e Koers 16:55uur - 1005 m
Racingpost: Jebel Tara won't mind conditions and is starting out this
campaign off a much more manageable mark so a big run wouldn't
surprise. Smalljohn, Opt Out and Hellbender can all have some sort of
case argued for them but SEWN UP might finally be able to take
advantage of his lower turf mark after a productive winter on the
AW.[Paul Smith]
Postdata: Smalljohn
Spotlight: Sewn Up
RP Ratings: Smalljohn
Selecties GBI: 5 Jebel Tara - 4 Novalist - 3 Sewn Up - 2 Smalljohn
3e Koers 15:55uur - 1810 m
Wedmarkt: 5/1 Bahamian C, 13/2 Silver Duke, 7/1 Weapon Of Choice,
7/1 Valantino Oyster, 7/1 Mr Red Clubs, 8/1 Gambino, 8/1 Argaki, 9/1
Polar Forest, 10/1 Ralphy Boy, 14/1 Gotcha, 14/1 New Colours
Racingpost: Bahamian C is unlikely to want for fitness and might have
more to come this year so he's on the shortlist but SILVER DUKE (nap)
looks the one to be with. Desperately unlucky over C&D in October,
he's progressed steadily over hurdles this winter and remains with
potential back on the Flat.[Paul Smith]
Postdata: Mr Red Clubs
Spotlight: Silver Duke
RP Ratings: Argaki
Selecties GBI: 10 New Colours - 3 Mr Red Clubs - 9 Gambino - 2
Ralphy Boy
Wedmarkt: 2/1 Powerallied, 11/4 Ayresome Angel, 5/1 Arize, 5/1
Zephyr Breeze, 11/2 Baby Ballerina
Racingpost: The betting will clearly be extremely informative.
POWERALLIED makes plenty of appeal as a prospective 2yo on
pedigree and represents a leading yard which can ready a newcomer.
He is the token choice, ahead of the fillies (and fellow newcomers) Arize
and Ayresome Angel. [Mel Cullinan]
Postdata: Zephyr Breeze
Spotlight: Powerallied
RP Ratings:
Selecties GBI: 5 Baby Ballerina - 4 Ayresome Angel - 3 Arize - 2
6e Koers 17:30uur - 1435 m
Wedmarkt: 4/1 Tommy Docc, 5/1 X Raise, 6/1 Gabrial The Tiger, 6/1
Agadoo, 6/1 River Of Dreams, 6/1 Saltarello, 13/2 Billy Bond, 9/1 Beach
Racingpost: X RAISE did well to overcome a tardy start and being
forced wide at halfway en route to making a winning debut at Carlisle in
August and, though off since, it may well be worth chancing that she is
in prime enough condition to preserve her unbeaten record now. AW
maiden winner Tommy Docc promises to be better again upped to 7f
and may be next best, ahead of Gabrial The Tiger. [Mel Cullinan]
Postdata: Saltarello
Spotlight: X Raise
RP Ratings: Saltarello
Selecties GBI: 6 X Raise - 5 Gabrial The Tiger - 4 Beach Action - 3
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Prijs: 6,40
Race 1 1 Prostate Awareness - 7 Galilee Chapel
Race 2 3 Sewn Up - 6 Hellbender
Race 3 1 Bahamian C - 6 Valantino Oyster
Race 4 10 Handiwork - 8 Streets Of Newyork
Race 5 4 Ayresome Angel - 2 Powerallied
Race 6 6 X Raise - 5 Gabrial The Tiger
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