Returning Hunter Registration Form – 2015

Redding Deer
Management Program
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Returning Hunter Application Form
2015 Controlled Hunt
Hunter Name: Please write your name here
Address: Address
City, State, Zipcode
Email: email.
Phone: Click here to enter text. Cell Phone: Click here to enter text.
Social Security # Click here to enter text. OR DOB Click here to enter text.
Conservation ID # Click here to enter text.
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As part of the application process you will be subject to a background check conducted by Redding’s Police
Thank you for your interest.
1. Permits will be issued for hunting for designated days within the state defined hunting season and in accordance with
the Town of Redding's schedule.
2. Fluorescent orange clothing must be worn pursuant to state law.
3. Field dressing is prohibited.
4. Invited hunters must check in with Town of Redding Staff/agent prior to entering the property.
5. Invited hunters must check out with Town of Redding Staff/agent when leaving the property for the day. No hunters
may stay overnight.
6. Only persons expressly authorized to participate in the controlled hunt may enter the property.
7. Invited hunter's vehicles must display Town of Redding issued identification tag on the dashboard.
8. Vehicles may not enter open space property. Parking is restricted to roadside pull off, as indicated on maps provided or
otherwise noted.
9. Access to hunters is limited to designated areas only -- NO EXCEPTIONS.
10. If confronted by anti-hunter activists do not engage and notify law enforcement immediately.
11. No fires are permitted.
12. Tree stands shall be used and MUST be marked with your Permit Number which is the same number as your ID Tag.
Stands must be a minimum of 20 yards away from marked hiking trails. Stands shall be portable with no lag bolt steps.
They shall be mounted with the use of straps with no permanent to the trees. Hunters must wear safety harnesses.
Neither the Town of Redding nor the property owner is responsible for the stands; tree stands may be left at hunters'
own risk. Stands shall be removed within three days after the end of the hunt.
13. Bring out all garbage/trash that is brought in.
14. No human body waste may be disposed of on property; hunters must leave the site to use appropriate facilities.
15. Hunting is restricted to deer only; no other wildlife may be harvested and there is no fishing allowed.
16. Report all violations, trespassers, etc. to law enforcement as soon as possible.
17. All applicable state laws and regulations and watershed rules are in effect and will be enforced. Your access permit
can be revoked at any time without appeal.
18. A deer harvest report must be filled out within 24 hours of harvest.
19. A Check Station is located at the Redding Ridge Market on Rt. 58 in Redding.
Redding Police
CT DEEP Dispatch and Law Enforcement
860- 434-3333
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