Dear Earthlings,
In order to please the alien
creature who poses as "Mr.L" in
room 105, you will have to complete
the following interplanetary tasks...
1. Create a chart comparing each
planet's position in regards to the
sun, each planet's revolution and
rotation rate and compare the
number of naturally- occurring
satellites that orbit each celestial
2. Create a Venn Diagram
comparing the inner and outer
3. Pass the Solar system quiz...
which tasks one and two will help
you do.
...And you thought the book-"My
teacher is an Alien" was fiction! The
joke is on YOU!
Good Luck Earthlings...
The following information will help you unravel
the mysteries of the Milky Way galaxy.
Pluto is no longer
considered a planet so
simply cancel the
PIZZAS and you will be
Your sun is just an average
size star that burns
hydrogen and helium. It
looks so large simply
because it is close to you.
As Earthlings we realize that your "small" cranial cavities need
to be below is the following intergalactic link.
The expanded knowledge should help with your Venn
Diagram task and your quiz scores.
Good luck Earthlings!
Venn Diagram Rubric
1. Diagram is titled _____
2. 3 differences are numbered and labeled ______
3. 3 Similarities are numbered and labeled ______
4. Venn diagram displays proper grammar and written mechanics ______
** 0 to 5 point continuum will be used to evaluate each category
Planet chart rubric
1. Chart is labeled _________
2. X axis is labeled _________
3. Y axis is labeled _________
4. Proper categories are created and labeled ______
5. Correct information is place in proper categories _____
6. Chart is neat ...readable... etc. _________
** 0 to 5 point continuum will be used to evaluate each category
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