Mater Dei Institute of Education: LESSON PLAN

Mater Dei Institute of Education:
Student Teacher
Class Group / Subject
Scheme Theme
Lesson Topic
Inter Religious Dialogue
(Knowledge, Understanding,
Skills, Attitudes)
Religious Prejucdice
40 minutes
Lesson ….. in a series of …
 Students will be able to define the term ‘crimes against
 Students will compare and contrast the Jewish, Christian and
Muslim religions and complete a Venn diagram illustrating their
likenesses and differences.
 Students will explore and discuss different experiences of
religious discrimination that have occurred on Planet X.
Assessment of
(ie. What assessment will you
use to show you that learning
has taken place?)
Each learner will write a journal entry discussing what he or she has learned from this
lesson. The entry must have the following elements:
A daily record of activities in complete sentences
A self-assessment of the learner's activities for the day
One reflective sentence about their feelings on their research and/or their attitudes.
Display and Electronic media
Venn Diagram
Power point
BBC: world religions
Teaching Strategy:
Group Work
Teacher Exposition
Interpretation of Data
Phase 1
Brief Outline
Show students a cross, a crescent and moon, and a Star of David. Ask learners to
identify each to determine their level of awareness. Ask them to find something all of
10 minutes
the northern night sky, symbols of religion, shapes etc. After learners have given
these symbols have in common. They could make the connection to things visible in
some ideas, lead the class to agree on a common definition that all could work from
during the lesson: that these are all religious symbols and represent a particular
Phase 2
Problems of
Planet X
10 minutes
Brief Outline
Students will be presented with a number of problems arising on Planet X. Problems
will relate to discrimination in school, at work and in society. Religious discrimination
will be the main focus. I will explain that on Planet X we have three main religious
movements: Jewish, Christian and Muslim.
Phase 3
Group Work
10 minutes
Brief Outline
Groups of three. Each student in the group will work individually to begin with. They
will read and learn about their chosen religion. Students will then complete a
worksheet as a group. The worksheet will allow them to find similarities and
comparisons between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Phase 4
Venn Diagram
10 minutes
Brief Outline
Pull back together as a whole class. Have each group report the beliefs of
each group. Discuss. Point out similarities and differences. Put a blank Venn diagram on the board or overhead projector. Give each
student a copy of the Venn diagram. Together fill in the beliefs of each
religion in the appropriate circles.