Unit 4: South America PowerPoint presentation

Unit 4
Using Venn Diagrams as a Study Aid
What is a Venn Diagram?
• Visual organizer
• 2 or more overlapping
• Shows similarities and
differences – compare
and contrast
• Can be used in any
subject! Math, English,
Social Studies, Science…
How to Create a Venn Diagram
Critical Questions:
• What items do you want
to compare? What
characteristics do the
items have in common
(intersecting portion)?
• How are the items similar
(the same) and different
(non intersecting portion)
based on the
Compare Canada and the US
• English speaking
• French speaking
• Industrialized nation
• Socialized medicine
• …
• …
• …
• …
• …
United States
• English speaking
• Industrialized nation
• Private health insurance
• …
• …
• …
• …
• …
Show it in a Venn Diagram
United States
Comparing The Americas
What does this Venn diagram show?
•What characteristics are
shared by North America
and South America ?
•What characteristics are
unique to Central America?
•What characteristics are
shared by South America
and Central America – but
not with North America?
•What characteristics are
shared by Central America
and North America – but
not South America?
•What characteristics are
unique to North America?
Other Venn Diagrams
• Process of visualizing logical relationships was
devised by John Venn (1834-1923)
• Compare and contrast
• Helps organize thoughts
• The drawing consists of two or more circles,
each representing a specific group
• Shared characteristics are listed in the
overlapping section