powerpoint geometry unit 7 lesson 1

Unit 7: Probability
Lesson 1
Set Notation
Venn Diagrams
Probability Basics
The Standard:
MCC9-12.S.CP.1: Describe events as
subsets of a sample space (the set of
outcomes) using characteristics (or
categories) of the outcomes, or as
unions, intersections, or complements
of other events (“or,” “and,” “not”).
Learning Target
I can use set notation
and represent a sample
space using a lattice or a
Venn Diagram.
 Probability: the chance something will happen
 Sample Space: a set of all possible outcomes
 Set: contains an object or objects that are clearly identified
 Elements (or members): the objects in a set
 Union: contains all the elements in either or both sets
 Intersection: shows which elements sets have in common
 Complement: the elements in the universal set that are not included
in that set
 Venn Diagram: a visual way to see two or more variables
Set Theory:
 A set s a collection of elements, such as objects or numbers.
You can indicate a set by listing the elements in braces. If
every element in a set also belongs to another set, then the first
set is a subset of the second set. A set containing all the
possible elements is called the universal set, denoted by the
letter U. A set can have a complement, which includes the
elements in the universal set which are not included in that set.
The complement of a subset B is denoted by 𝑩, read B bar or
not B. The intersection of sets, shown by the symbol ∩, consists
of only the elements that the two sets have in common. The
union of sets, shown by the symbol ∪, consists of all the
elements contained in either or both sets.
Example: given a six-sided die, with the
sides numbered 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.
Identify the universal set:
Identify the subset of even numbered sides:
Identify the intersection of prime and even
Identify the union of the subsets – odd and prime
The Venn Diagram:
21 10 35
Reading a Venn Diagram: how many
students play football and baseball?
How many students play
How many students play
How many students play
How may students were