Using the Snipping Tool

Using the Snipping Tool
Type in the
name of your
tool” in the
search box
and it will put
the tool on
your dock
• Click on the
Start Globe to
bring up the
search box at
the bottom of
the screen
Using the Snipping Tool
The snipping tool will show up on
your desktop and in the task bar.
Choose the style tool you will need
to snip the area of the screen to
illustrate your course in the
Using the Snipping Tool
There are other option to chose
from with the Snipping tool. Take a
look and see what will work for
your needs
You can also pin the Snipping Tool
to your task bar to have quick
Using the Snipping Tool
Use the Snipping Tool
with the SCTC portfolio.
After you have finished
experimenting with its
uses. Go to your course
and snip the necessary
ANGEL pages you will
need to illustrate your
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