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Poultry Construction
Published by AGROTOP Marketing Department
Company Profile
• Specializing in agriculture turnkey projects, for poultry and livestock
market, since 1989
• Extensive experience with international poultry and livestock sector
• Erecting thousands of square meters of houses each year
• Cooperates with world's leading poultry and livestock equipment suppliers
Agrotop supply project supervision services for fast and efficient erection
• The project erection is using
– Small workforce
– Relatively simple available tools and machinery
– Strict adherence to timetables
• Precise manufacturing enables
– Facility strict observance
– Functional and aesthetic perfection
– Saving client’s substantial amounts of money
Construction Activities
The constriction comprise the following activities:
• Concrete Works
Motorized Vents
Doors and Gates
Water Tower & Bulk Feed Silo
Interior Systems
Concrete Works
The concrete works includes:
• Foundations
• Concrete floor pouring & finishing
• Concrete base for silos
• Drainage openings for cleaning
• Concrete wall poured easily with prefab forms
• Drainage openings for cleaning, set in wall
• Special galvanized
Profile for wall
• Wire mesh poured
in concrete
The structure includes:• Modular and smart structure
• All steel
• Precise and high quality raw materials
• Fast and efficient constructing by local small workforce and simple
Advantages of Agrotop Steel house.
All hot galvanized after the welding
No on site welding required
Fire Proof
Pest Proof
Wide spans possible.
Advantages of Agrotop steel house.
Very tight house
Take the Agrotop Tightness Test .
Using 2 fans of 36” with all shutters closed
the house will have tightness of at least 5
MM of water (0.196”)
Advantages of Agrotop steel house.
Engineered for 50 year lifespan..
Agrotop houses of 20 years are still as tight
as when new.
The walls includes different types
• Insulated curtain
• Sandwich panel
• Half curtain / panel
• shutters
Insulated curtain with Hollow Fiber
Panel wall with Storm Hood
poop holes
for free
Can be :• Straight Ceiling
• Semi Straight Ceiling
• Angular Ceiling
Flat Ceiling
Flat Ceiling
Flat Ceiling
Semi-Slope Ceiling
Slope Ceiling
‘Flat Ceiling- Roof
Service Room
Service Room
The doors and gates includes different types
• Insulated & wire mesh gates
• Insulated prefab doors
• Insulated roll down doors (motorized or manual).
• All doors and gates are industrial quality, Insulated and Tight.
Marketing gate with
built-in door
Rolldown Gates
Rolldown gates
Insulated prefab doors
Cooling Corridor
Dust Room
Water Tower & Bulk Feed Silo
The water and feed systems are highly significant for bird’s living
The systems comprise:
• Bulk Feed Silo
• Water tanks
There is two main conveyers
• Eggs conveyer
• Manure conveyer
Interior Systems
The interior systems comprise:
• Feeding & Drinking Systems
• Heating System
• Ventilation System
• Cooling System
• Electric and Control System
AGROTOP LTD. Prefabricated Constriction, Agriculture Turnkey Projects
A member of Hapach Group of companies
P.O.B. 150 Moshav Timmorim, Israel • Tel 972-8-8611600 • Fax 972-8-8611601
[email protected] •
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