Modified Concrete Suppliers and HTNE Hydro Demolition

Presentation on Hydrodemolition of
Concrete and Bridge Structures
2014 Virginia Concrete Conference
Richmond Virginia
March 6 2014
Outline for Today
Definition of Hydrodemolition
Different types of Hydrodemolition
Hydrodemolition Equipment
Applications for Hydrodemolition
Where Hydrodemolition is the preferred
method of deteriorated concrete removal.
• Issues with Conventional methods
• Local Projects and where its used
• Fast Track Structure Rehabilitation
Hydro Flow and Pressures
• Basically there are 2 types of Hydrodemolition
• High Pressure above 25,000 psi with low water
flow rate of 25 gallons per min and less.
• Low pressure approximately 15,000 psi and
high water flow rates of 55 gallons per min.
Hydro means Water
• Hydrodemolition water needs to be Clean and
Potable due to the tight tolerances' of the
pump units
• Best option is to receive water directly from a
fire hydrant
• Trucking water is generally the second option
• Filtration units can be used to draw from lakes
and streams.
Hydrodemolition Equipment
Water Source
Power unit
Computerized robot
Carriage and protection shroud
Cutting nozzle and lance
Vacume Truck
Preferred Method for Rehabilitation
• Total Surface Hydro to Remove Bad Concrete
• Structural Concrete Overlays with Latex
Modified Concrete
• Flexibility of products depending on traffic
• Largest overlay job in United States bid with
this method.
Fast-Track Bid Items
• Scarification of deck Surface- SQ YD.
• Total Surface Fast-Track Hydro-demolition to
remove bad concrete- SQ YD
• Placement of Latex Concrete Overlay at
consistent Depth – SQ YD
• Variable Depth Latex Concrete for quantities
above the consistent depth- CUBIC YARD
material cost only
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