Mike Kay, Electricity North West

Adapting the city
Building & Infrastructure
Mike Kay
Network Strategic Director, Electricity North West
The challenge for the wires
• Decarbonization of generation, of space heating,
and of transport
• Managing more extreme weather
– flooding and wind storms
• Increase in average temperatures
Electricity North West
We serve only the North West of
England and we are based here
We serve approximately 5 million
people at 2.4 million domestic and
industrial locations
£9bn of Network Assets
58,000km of cable
96 bulk supply substations
363 primary substations
34,000 transforming points
A doubling of electricity usage by 2050?
Smart grids; smart meters – smart cities
Electric Vehicles
Innovation – Capacity to Customers (C2C) to reduce
the new build capacity needed; make it available
quickly and without digging up the streets
The weather
Electricity North West is defending its critical infrastructure
Significant investment in flood defences
Ambient temperature
Any rise in temperature is bad for electricity networks
Load growth is a much bigger effect, and ambient temperature
rise will be accommodated in our changes overall
Adapting the city