Elec-Free Day

Electricity Experiment
Welcome to your electricity experiment. Your assignment is to avoid using electricity in all its
forms as much as possible over a 24 hour period. The goal of this experiment is twofold.
1. To expose the student the many different forms of
electricity in our lives by forcing them to consciously
identify and avoid them.
2. To help the student identify their level of dependence on
electrical devices and hopefully to find ways to overcome
this dependence.
To ultimately be successful in this challenge, students will need to
avoid common pitfalls such as Lights, TV, cell phones, iPods, Computers, Ovens, Refrigerators,
Hair driers… The list seems endless.
It won’t be easy but if successful, it will be rewarding.
Upon completing the 24 hour challenge, the students will submit their reflections on the
following questions. Be thorough on your answers. They should be several sentences to a
paragraph, not just single word answers.
1. Which forms of electricity did you find the easiest to live without?
2. Were there any electrical devices that you were unable to avoid over the 24 hour
period? If so, explain the reasons that you were unable to avoid them.
3. Were there any electrical devices that you were unwilling to avoid for the 24 hours?
What do you think that unwillingness suggests about your dependence on these
devices? Suggest possible negative effects of this dependence.
4. After completing this experiment, how has your view of electricity changed from what is
was before?
Upon successful completion of this activity, please have your parent sign below to confirm that
you have, in fact, made every effort to perform this challenging task. There is also room if they
would like to make any additional comments.
I _______________________________ confirm that my child has, to the best of their abilities,
lived without electricity for a complete 24 hours.