Sample Grade 5 MCAS Science Reference Sheet for use with

SAMPLE MCAS Grade 5 STE Reference Sheet
For Use with Accommodation 20
Note: All blank spaces in this reference sheet must be blank when the sheet is
provided to students on the day of testing. Students may fill in the blanks on their
own once the testing session has begun, if they wish.
Earth and Space Science
Minerals are not _________
My Very Educated Mom Just Served
Us Nachos
around the ______
on its _______
Mineral properties:
C_____, S_____, L______, H______,
around the _____
-Types of Precipitation: R, S, S, H
-What conditions/temperatures are
needed for each?
-What times of year do these occur?
3 rock types: S, I, and M
S______ has _________ and is
formed by_________ and is found
I______ is formed by _________ and
found ________
M_______ is formed by __________
and found _______
Life Science
How do plants get food?
What does each part do?
 Flowers
 Leaves
 Stems
 Roots
 Bark
 P, PC, SC, D
 Arrows point in direction of ______
 Predator ____ the prey.
 The source of energy is the
Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds,
fish, insects
How can you classify them?
What is special about each?
Stages: B, G, D, R, and D
Frogs and Butterflies:
Change: Meta______
November 2015
Physical Science
S, L, G
L, S, H, E, M
What makes a phase change?
What happens to water when it
What happens to most other
substances when they freeze?
A complete circuit _______ electricity.
N and S, opposites _______
Insulators ____ electricity
Magnets are attracted to ______
Conductors____ electricity
The more vibrations the _____ the
Hammer, screwdriver, pliers, wrench
Nails, glue, screws, nuts and bolt
Simple machines and complex
When do you use diagrams? When do
you use lists? Tables? Sketches?
Hardness, Strength, Flexibility,
Transparency, Water Resistance,
Shape, Size, Weight
November 2015