I survived hurricane Katrina

This book is about Hurricane Katrina coming
through a town, eventually it reaches Barry’s
neighborhood. Then Barry and his family have to
go up into the attic to stay safe. Soon they notice
that the water is rising, so they go to the top of
the roof. Then Barry is blown off and has to get
him and the dog he found to safety in a broken
down house. Soon they fall out of the house and
half to go to another house for safety. Then
someone finally rescues them and Barry finds his
My Favorite Part
My favorite part was when Barry went into a
broken house and found a dog named Cruz.
At first, he thought the dog was mean so he
didn’t really trust him. Soon he finds the dog
is nice and Berry gives him water. Then Cruz
falls into the water, so Berry has to chase him
I recommend this book to book to 4th and 5th
graders who have read other books like this
one. I also recommend this book to those who
like storms and/or historical fiction. It is a
great series and gives you facts within a story.
Questions for the Characters
After reading the book, I would ask Barry,
“After the storm, did you find the comic that
had Akivo and his star that you drew?” I am
also curious to know if you are ever moving
back to your hometown? Lastly, I would want
to ask, “Do you think you will ever see your
best friend again?”