Short CV: Michael J. Barry 2015

Short CV: Michael J. Barry 2015
Personal Information
Biology Department Sultan Qaboos University. PO Box 36, Al
Khoud Muscat, PC 123 Sultanate of Oman
Education & Employment
Primary Qualifications
 BSc (Hons.) (Monash 1981), PhD (Monash 1991)
Work History
September 2006Sultan Qaboos University, Oman:
 2014- Associate Professor: Department of Biology
 2006-2014: Assistant Professor: Department of Biology
Monash University
 Department of Biological Sciences and College of Science (full and part-time)
Victoria University
 Senior Research Fellow, School of Life Sciences (1998 July -2000) Full-time
Max-Planck Institute for Limnology, Germany
 Research Fellow, Key Centre for Applied and Nutritional Toxicology, RMITUniversity.
Recent Publications
1. Barry, M.J, (2015) Effect of resource distribution of the costs of predator avoidance in
tadpoles. Hydrobiologia. 758, Issue 1, pp 99-105.
2. Al-Azri, H., Ba-Omar, T. , Elshafie, A. and Barry, MJ. (2015) Histopathological and
Ultrastructural Changes in the Liver and Gills of the Killifish Aphanius dispar.
(Cyprinodontidae) Exposed to Aflatoxin B1. SQU Journal of Science. 20:1-10.
3. Barry, M.J, (2014) The energetic costs of foraging explain growth anomalies in tadpoles
exposed to predators. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 87:829-836.
4. Barry, M.J. (2014) Fluoxetine inhibits predator avoidance response in tadpoles.
Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry. 96: 641-649.
5. Barry, M.J. & D.M. Roberts.(2014) Fear limits the effectiveness of Odenata as
biocontrol agents for mosquito larvae. Journal of Insect Behavior. 27: 626-638.
6. Al-Azkawi, A., S. Al-Bahry, I. Mahmoud, M.J. Barry (2013) Evaluating the effect of
acrylamide exposure on liver protein expression in C57BL/6 mice. Journal of Food
Research; Vol. 2, No. 5.
7. Abed, R.M.M, Barry, M.J, S. Al Kindi, S. Golubic (2013) Spatial variability in microbial
mat morphology, cyanobacterial species composition, and nitrogen fixation rates in a
desert stream: Al Khoud, Sultanate of Oman. African Journal of Microbiology Research
75: 1434-1442. (IF=0.54/Cit=0).
8. Barry, M.J. (2013) Effects of fluoxetine on the swimming and behavioural responses of
Arabian killifish to predator alarm chemicals. Ecotoxicology, 22:425–432. (IF=2.77/
9. Barry, M.J. & S. Syal (2013). Metabolic Responses of Tadpoles to Predation Cues.
Hydrobiologia. 700:267–276. (IF=2.07/ Cit=0).
10. Barry, M.J. (2012) Application of a novel open-source program for measuring the effects
of toxicants on the swimming behavior of large groups of unmarked fish. Chemosphere ,
86: 938–944. (IF=3.63/ Cit=1).
11. Abed, RMM, S. Al Kindi, A. Schramm, MJ Barry (2011) Short-term effects of flooding
on bacterial community structure and nitrogenase activity in microbial mats from a desert
stream. Aquatic Microbial Ecology. 63: 245-254. (IF=2.72/ Cit=5).
12. Barry, M.J. (2011) Effects of copper, zinc and dragonfly kairomone on growth rate and
induced morphology of Bufo arabicus tadpoles. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.
74(4):918-23. (IF=2.57/ Cit=9).