Data Display

Data Display
Developing an International Sales Presence
6th October 2011
Mark Hayes
Emer Liston
Laura Gabriel
Caitlin Cuppage
Kevin Neville
Family run, Co.Clare based company.
Founded in 1979.
Export based, number of major clients.
€427,694 operating profit for yr end 31/12/10.
How did the company grow to this ?
Data Display
• Enniystymon – leader in Europe
• 1979, one office in co. Clare – 2001,
offices worldwide
• 13 employees- 130 Ireland, over 100
Business Strategy
How Did it Happen?
Strong Customer Service
Trust and Perseverance in Idea
Reinvesting in R&D
International Expansion
Various Markets
Evolution of Idea
Business Strategy
Beating the competition
Starve the competition of opportunities.
Quicker, cheaper and better, than the competition.
Data Displays incremental internationalisation strategy has
worked remarkably well.
Customisation is one of the firms biggest strengths. Competitors
cannot compete with this key dynamic.
Re- investment
Over 11% of revenue is continually reinvested into R & D
within the company.
Closeness to the Customer
Closeness to the customer incurred greater costs but led to
greater customer insight and ultimately strengthening the
business relationship.
Direct Sales Model
Over 86% of the company's sales come through the firms
own sales offices.
Having a direct sales force enables the firm to have more
control over selling activity.
Data DisplayEntrepreneurship
What can we learn from Kevin Neville?
Networking and Foreign Market presence.
Work with, and subsequently buy out national
Freedom to pursue own strategy
Secure capital investment
2005- All shares repurchased, Data Display is 100%
owned by the Neville family.
• ‘Not happy to rest on our accolades, we strive to innovate our
offerings constantly’- Data Display ‘Smart Electronic Display
• From Disco lights to the New York Stock Exchange
• Continuous re-investment of profits into Research
and Development: In house software engineering
expertise. Expansion and enhancement of
production capabilities and after sales support.
• Customized Solutions
• Multi sector application and investment in new
Where next ?
Pressure on price. Cheap labour.
Keep apace with Tech advances.
Meet needs of changing market.
€900k pre tax loss (2008)
Correct appointment of new MD.
Thank you
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