Green Radio: Outcomes and Future

Green Radio:
Outcomes and Future Prospects
John Thompson and Tim O’Farrell
With Support and Assistance From
Simon Armour (Bristol), Vasilis
Friderikos (KCL), Lajos Hanzo (Soton)
and Simon Fletcher (NEC)
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Energy and CO2 emission Challenges
5 million Base Towers
Base Stns cause 60-80% of
network power consumption
Talking Costs?
Telecom India
(per year)
•Electricity: 26 TWh
•Diesel: 3 billion litres
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0.8% World
(290 Mtones)
Green Radio Project Structure
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Network Architecture and Radio Techniques
Green Radio Project Outcomes
There is no one magic bullet to save energy
 Rather we need to combine a range of solutions
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Going Beyond Green Radio Tech
 Future network architectures
 Small cells vs Cloud base stations
 Self-organising and self-healing networks
 Energy efficiency of handsets
 Smartphones but not-so-smart battery technology
 Finding the balance between the network and handset
 Future energy sources
 Ensuring reliable energy sources beyond 2015
 Renewable energy/off grid solutions  embodied vs
operational energy consumption
 Spectrum management issues
 Coordination of multiple licensed spectrum bands that are
opening up via auctions and unlicensed spectrum
 Radio technologies to handle all the available bands!
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Green ICT Applications
 Future Cities
Ubiquitous, invisible sensors
Information harvesting and gathering
Intelligent Cyber-physical systems
Sustainable low carbon environments
 Digital Economy
 Reliable information infrastructure
 Low Carbon Manufacturing
 Sustainable communications systems
 Intelligent Transport Systems
 Low Carbon Vehicles and Transport
 Driverless Transport Systems
 Smart Roads and Junctions
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