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Parent Information Evening 2014

Gaining a VCE

• Total of 16 units • Must include 4 X 3 / 4 Unit sequences • Must include 3 Units of English Or Literature or EAL over Units 1-4 • Can do VCE over 3 years- no penalty

Unscored VCE

• It is possible to get a VCE without doing SACs or Exams by meeting the OUTCOMES of units through class work and homework completed.

• This means you will not get an ATAR.

• You can make a decision to gain an unscored VCE at any time leading up to the exams before SACs resulted are entered in term 4.

Gaining an ATAR

• Four best Unit 3/4 studies including English / Literature/ EAL, plus 10% of up to two more studies. • No more than two similar studies in top four – e.g.: Music, Maths, Languages, History • ATAR: Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, from 0- 99.95. It is a rank


a mark. • Come to the PHSC VTAC Parent Information Evening Term 3 in August. • ATAR is used for Tertiary selection.

Changing subjects

•  Still possible to change until Friday 7 th Feb Need to take care (VCE/VCAL rules, tertiary prerequisites etc.) • See Ms Icely & then Mr Mc Murdo to do the paperwork • CAE- recent changes mean the cost to students is now $1,700

Study Expectations

• Students self reliant • Homework program: 3-5 hours per night 5-7 hours on Wednesdays One day on the weekend DO NOT UNDERTAKE PAID EMPLOYMENT ON WEDNESDAYS!

• Revise if no set work • Study at the same time & place as much as possible: ergonomic furniture away from Facebook

Attendance and punctuality

 Maximise your “face to face” learning time ESSENTIAL • Policy is set out in PHSC Senior School Handbook

MyAdmin=Qv9tkRJcku9HQ2XX0N5KsQrX4m8 Follows VCAA guidelines • 5 unexplained, 12 in total ( with medical certificate within a 2 week period) per unit • Practical implementation means that 5 mins lateness will be recorded as absence • Parents should record absences through Compass


• Any absence from a SAC MUST be explained by a Medical Certificate. They must show this to their teacher asap to make a time to sit the SAC. If not then the score will be Not Assessed i.e. 0 marks • All teachers give out SAC date times to classes • The SAC Calendar is being collated at the moment. • See PHSC website to view the calendar

Study Periods

• Make best use of time • Complete class and homework, revise • Only in study area, library or canteen • VCE Hub has new funky furniture!

Interim Reporting

 Parents may request a report at any time. • Interim reporting will take place at end of Terms 1 & 3 as well as formal end of semester 1 report. • No end of year report • Parent teacher interviews 1 st April


• General Achievement Test (GAT): Wednesday June 11 th

( Any student doing a 3/4 VCE subject must sit the GAT )

• End of Unit 4: Friday 24 th October • Unit 4 Final Exams: Begin Wednesday 29 th October • ATARS released : Monday 15 th December

Special Exam/SAC Provision

• May be applicable in special circumstances e.g. Illness, trauma or ongoing learning or physical disability • Special Exam arrangements- must be done asap DUE: Friday 7 st March to VCAA • Must apply through the coordinator • See VCE student Handbook for more details & /or VCAA website

Derived Exam Score

• Problems e.g. medical, family emergency on exam day or a few days before- contact VCE coordinator asap • Might be possible to apply for a Derived Exam Score • Still try to sit the exam if at all possible

New Homegroup Structure

Compulsory-Tuesday after period 2 for 30 mins Student support: • Study skills & organsation • Revising for SACs and Exams • Well Being & Stress management • Tertiary Institutions • VTAC Applications & Pathways • Becoming an Adult See the wiki for more details: Make Up Home Group Wed 8.40

Some "tips"

 Senior School study is a team effort -student, parents and teachers working together

Get your child to teach new information to you!

 Weekday evenings are not suitable for extended social activity  A planned study routine is helpful: 1min planning saves 4 mins- 5 mins saves 20 mins • Study in 50 mins chunks with 5/10 min break • Review notes within 24 hrs. & regularly throughout the year  Baroque Music aids recall by 25% • Positive attitude & self talk – affirmations • Recommended Book – Michael Carr –Gregg “Surviving Year 12- A Sanity Kit for students & their parents”

Advice for Parents of a Year 12 Student • Help them maintain balance & stay organized.

• Remember, you can’t study for them. No one can make a young person study. It is up to them in the end.

• It’s good to be available in the final year, even if on the phone.

• Ask if there is anything you can do. Getting them to teach you a concept is a good learning experience for them & you!

• Parental nagging & harping has been identified as a major student stressor. Offer support that they will/ can accept.

• Although this is an important year, they need to know that their lives will go on after it. There are many pathways to get to a final goal. • Try not to compare siblings.

• Celebrate getting through year 12 before the results come out; commend their efforts not just their ATAR.

• Negotiate your needs and expectations & be flexible. Discuss a range of options for the future.

• Discuss these tips with them to see which are the most important.

Parent Help Session

Tuesday 27


May 7pm Elevate Education Presenter




session for Year 12s is being held tomorrow 5 th Feb 8.40 am- 12.25pm

• Guest Presenters from “Elevate Education” Topics-Study Sensei & Memory & Mnemonics • Enrolment details checked – VASS Forms Other sessions held on other Wednesdays throughout the year (on the calendar)

Home Group Teachers

• 12A Hannah O’Keefe • 12B Sophie Peters • 12C Sasha Kober • 12D Agne Douvartzidis • 12 E Pinetta Filardo • 12F Marcellene D’Menzie Coordinator Debra Icely [email protected]