CIGNA`s Healthcare Leadership Program

Global Knowledge Exchange Network
Global Knowledge Exchange Network
Mission: To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing
and contrasting key drivers and approaches to addressing healthcare costs
and outcomes across the globe, with a goal of identifying and promoting
successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.
GKEN and meeting the global health crisis
 Globally, nations are faced with a health care crisis: rising
healthcare costs that threaten system sustainability, human
resource shortages, increasingly frustrated consumers, and an
absence of shared solutions and cross-country communications.
 GKEN believes the best way to meet these global health
challenges is: Better identification of new and emerging
“better practices,” and stronger cross-border and crosscultural promotion and dissemination of better healthcare
system practices, utilizing traditional and non-traditional
What is GKEN?
The Global Knowledge Exchange on Healthcare (GKEN) is
a not for profit international organization Founded in 2008
GKEN has 50 Delegates from ten countries committed to
sharing and exchanging knowledge on ways to improve
health outcomes and reduce cost.
We are a global intellectual talent pool that can be deployed
to support organizations wanting to learn about emerging
better practices in healthcare from experts in varied sectors;
health systems, hospital systems, payers, insurers, health
plans, academia, consumer and government purchasers.
GKEN expertise
Our forums are comprised of Delegates who are chief
executive officers, medical directors, human Resource
executives, Physicians, professors and Senior government and
corporate executives from Asian, European and US
governments and private sectors.
We support your objectives by tailoring our Delegates
expertise; creating advisory panels, study tours and/or work
groups at a high level that work to inform your executives on
how other countries effectively manage their health system
GKEN Delegates Expertise
Health system issues
Meng Kin LIM, Professor, National University of Singapore
Chris Mc Swain, Director Global Benefits, Whirlpool Corp., US
Jim Parker, Former Chief of Staff to the President Wellpoint, US
Colleen Conway-Welch, Professor & Dean, Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing, US
Shane Solomon, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, China
Mike Taylor, former Principal Towers Perrin, US
Public Policy issues
Pere Ibern, Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Mike O’ Grady, Sr. Fellow, National Opinion Research Center, U. Chicago; Principal, O'Grady Health Policy,
Neil Trautwein, Vice President, Nat’l Retail Federation, US
Johan Hjertqvist , President, Stockholm Network and Health Consumer Powerhouse, Sweden
Murray Ross, VP, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan; Director, Kaiser Institute for Health Policy, US
Barbara Safriet, former Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs & Lecturer on Law, Yale law School, US
Michael Showalter, SVP, HealthCare Strategy & Marketing, CIGNA HealthCare, US
Russ Bantham, President, Bantham Consulting, Former General Counsel to PhRMA, US
Social marketing issues
Massimo Vergnano, CEO, Multimedia Systems International/Argon Global Healthcare, Italy
Marty Davis, Founder & President Applied Communications Institute, Former Dir., Special
Campaigns & Promotions, AARP, US
LaMar McGinnis, Clinical Prof. of Surgery, Emory Univ.; Past Pres., American Cancer Society, US
Tommy Hutchinson, President I – Genius, UK
Health Promotion issues
Wolf Kirsten, Founder and President of International Health Consulting, Germany
Beverly Malone, CEO, National League for Nursing, US
Delon Human, Pres., Health Diplomats, Immediate Past Pres. World Medical Association, Switzerland
Note: (partial list)
GKEN Programs
Advisory panels:
GKEN identifies and assembles experts across the health and
business spectrum who offer their insights and unique knowledge
to help shape strategy.
Study Tours:
GKEN tailors study tours to meet different topical interests and
needs, for example, cost containment, quality, workplace wellness
and health promotion, outcomes improvement, business
development and innovation, systems design and integration.
GKEN conducts market intelligence, environmental scans, and
literature reviews.
GKEN develops topical seminars to explore solutions to
challenges in different markets, and within different public policy
GKEN Contact
To learn more about opportunities to work with
GKEN, see our web site at or
contact Jon Comola at [email protected] or by
telephone, 512 472 2005 US.