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The Global Knowledge Exchange
The Global Knowledge Exchange Network on
Healthcare (GKEN)
The Global Knowledge Exchange Network on Healthcare (GKEN) is a
not for profit international organization Founded in 2008.
GKEN has 60 Delegates from 12 countries committed to sharing and
exchanging knowledge on ways to improve health outcomes and reduce
We are a global intellectual talent pool that can be deployed to support
organizations wanting to learn about emerging better practices in
healthcare from experts in varied sectors; health systems, hospital
systems, payers, insurers, health plans, academia, consumer and
government purchasers.
Our Mission
To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing and
contrasting key drivers and approaches to addressing healthcare costs and
outcomes across the globe, with a goal of identifying and promoting
successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.
Meeting the Global Health Crisis
Globally, nations are faced with a health care crisis:
 rising healthcare costs that threaten system sustainability
 human resource shortages
 increasingly frustrated consumers, and
 an absence of shared solutions and cross-country communications.
GKEN believes the best way to meet these global health challenges is
 Better identification of new and emerging “better practices,” and
 stronger cross-border and cross-cultural promotion and
dissemination of better healthcare system practices, utilizing
traditional and non-traditional channels.
GKEN Initiatives
 Global meetings: GKEN conducts two global meetings a year with
delegates from a dozen countries participating.
 Research: GKEN disseminates better practices news and research as
well as publishes original research reports on global health issues.
GKEN also provides research opportunities to graduate students in the
health professions.
 Partnerships: Enable GKEN to extend its reach into different business
and governmental sectors around the globe.
 GKEN Intelligence (open source planning): GKEN Health
Intelligence provides health organizations with an external perspective
on their strategic planning process.
GKEN Meetings
“Framing the GKEN mission”; St. Michaels, MD
“Global Trends in Healthcare”; Greenbrier, WV
“International Cost Drivers and replicable solutions”; Oxford, United Kingdom
“Global Trends/social media/scoping better practices and SMART”; Antigua,
“China’s Rise, US Health Reform, Health, Wealth and Wellbeing”; Victoria, British
“ International Health Promotions Awards” ; Rome Italy
Research Areas of Focus
Workforce and Training
Role of Individuals in Maintaining and Improving Health
Health Promotion and Wellness
Chronic Illness
Health System Metrics
Health System Efficiencies
Health Disparities
Joint Commission International
LBJ School of Public Affairs
National Retail Federation
Alliant International
National University of
 National Association of Health
 Vanderbilt University
 American Cancer Society
International Health Consulting
Meridian Strategic Advisors
National Health Service
Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Consumer Powerhouse
Universitat Pompeu
National League of Nursing
GKEN Health Intelligence
Health organization executives must plan in an increasingly complex
world. The opportunities have never been greater, and the risks have
never been so great.
GKEN Health Intelligence helps executives plan and be prepared by
providing health organizations with a unique external perspective on
their existing or prospective markets.
This insight ensures that executives have the vital intelligence from
political, regulatory, cultural, socio, media and competitive sources to
plot their future and be better prepared for the unexpected.
Real-Time Health Intelligence
GKEN Health Intelligence has developed four distinct but complimentary
approaches to collecting real-time, actionable market intelligence for its
Thought Leader “Ad Boards”
Executive Panels
Scenario Gaming
World Health Executive Study Tours
The Benefits of Open Source Planning
1. Obtain the latest intelligence from political, regulatory, corporate,
media and community leaders.
2. Opportunity to test your plans, challenges and fears against a disperse
range of experts.
3. Obtain the practical assistance of experts and thought leaders in
designing new solutions.
4. Provides you with significant advantage over your competitors.
5. Enhance corporate cohesion and unity of purpose amongst your
executive team.
The Global Knowledge Exchange Network
A global network of cross-disciplinary thought
leaders committed to improving world health.
GKEN “Founder” Membership
Position on Advisory Board
Participation in two annual GKEN meetings
Two representatives at each meeting
Option to recommend a client participant
Recommend research topics
Recommend conference discussion topics
Option to select and design an Ad Board
Access to GKEN research and reports
Logo on GKEN website