Creative Arts in Healthcare

Downtown Newark Mural
Creative Arts Healthcare
Engaging the inner self to
express and transform
Because within each patient is a person
The Two Fridas ~ Frida Khalo
Creative Arts Healthcare
Recognizes, Values, and Honors
Our Inner and Outer Life
* The Person who is the patient and their family
* The Personhood of the healthcare provider
* Breaks through despair and isolation
* Forges bonds of shared humanity
* Unites Bodies, Minds, Spirits
* Joins Right Brain with Left Brain
* Allows for Experiencing and Witnessing
* Promotes Creativity as a Healing Resource
Creative Arts Healthcare
Supports and Promotes
Patient Satisfaction
Family Satisfaction
Staff Recruitment and Retention
Compassion Fatigue/Burn Out Prevention
Enhanced Community Relations
Multicultural Awareness and Sensitivity
Medical Care, Treatment, and Emotional Healing
Humanism in Medical Practice
Creative Arts Healthcare
Monthly Grand Rounds
Creative Artists in Residence Events
Music Listening Program for Patients
PALM Room Artist Facilitators
Creative Arts Healthcare Program in Residence
Arts in Medicine Health Initiative SIG
Expressive Arts Workshops
Deeply touching the lives of patients, family members,
nurses, doctors, other health care providers, students, and
also members of the Newark Community
The PALM Program
(Planned Activity Less Medication)
• University Hospital created a program that
provides a safe environment for patients
experiencing difficulty in resuming independent
functioning, isolation /loneliness and
impediments to communicating /expressing
• Goals: reorient patients, improve self care
ability, improve with communication and express
oneself, cope with illness/recovery & enhance
socialization/group experience
Creative Arts Healthcare
PALM Program Initiatives
• Certified ceramicist to conduct sessions
• Artists from the Wellness, Arts,
Enrichment (WAE) Center (an alternative
learning center for people with disabilities)
are conducting three-hour session three
times a week with patients
• Music therapist in residence
• CD Pharmacy
• RN training in Creative Arts