Brad Havervold - Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health
Brad Havervold, Executive Director
Workforce Planning Branch
Government’s Commitment
• A transformation our healthcare system that provides:
» Better Care;
» Better Health;
» Better Value; and,
» Better Teams.
Growth Plan Priorities-Health
• Reduce surgical waits to no more than 3 months
by 2014;
• Eliminate wait times in emergency by 2017; and,
• Address rural family physician supply.
2013 Speech from the Throne
• Seniors Care:
– Senior’s house calls;
– LTC action fund; and,
– Home First.
• Hot spotting
• Strengthening mental health & addictions services
• Collaborative Emergency Centres
Other Priorities
• Lean;
• Appropriateness; and,
• Strengthening Primary Health Care.
Transforming the System
• New models of care to ensure the right mix of
providers at the right time:
– Primary Health Care Innovation Sites
– Collaborative Emergency Centres
– Working in teams -- full-scope-of-practice
– ER waits and hot spotting
The Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals
• Ministry of Health work with our partners:
 Regional Health Authorities
 Ministry of Advanced Education
 Post-secondary institutions health education
Inter-professional Education in Healthcare
• Inter-professional health education offers
opportunities to better prepare students for the
healthcare workforce of the future.
• Health system will continue to evolve. The
workforce must be flexible and responsive.
Inter-professional Education in Healthcare
• Educational programs must be adaptable and respond
to evolving needs of the system.
• Look for opportunities in the educational programs to
practice in teams and learn together.