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Siebel and Inland Revenue
How the Siebel Public Sector Suite can
support our strategic direction
1. Inland Revenue Strategic Direction & Business
2. Siebel Public Sector Suite & Inland Revenue
3. Case Management & eCase
4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
5. Single Customer View
6. Key Challenges
7. Interface with Legacy Systems
Inland Revenue Strategic Direction
Target and tailor our activities through
understanding our customers
Optimise organisational efficiency and
reduce compliance costs over time
Create an environment which
promotes compliance
Continually invest in our people
and the tools to deliver our
future outcomes
Inland Revenue Business
 Customer base of 6.5 million
– (individuals, businesses and other entities)
 High volumes. In 2007-08:
– 16.3 million customer contacts
– 8.1 million returns
– 8 million payments
 Operates from 19 cities and towns
 Employs more than 6,400 people
Siebel Public Sector Suite and Inland
Revenue - Timeline
September 2005 IR acquires Siebel Public Sector Suite
October 2005
 Commence design & development
March 2007
 eCase final roll-out - audit
October 2007
 eCase rollout for litigation management
& legal & technical services
 Report – “Siebel Solution opportunities
to develop CRM Capability within Inland
March 2008
 CRM programme evaluation
Why Use Siebel?
Oracle’s Siebel software
– had best fit with Inland Revenue’s business
– demonstrated more out of the box
– was easier to configure and administer
Other criteria
– flexible pricing
– implementation and project management
– fit with customer centric process
– ongoing support
Case Management - Vision
Inland Revenue Vision
eCase, with other strategic projects and
initiatives, will enhance the performance
of our people, technology and processes
to revolutionise the delivery of case
related activities to our customers
across all business areas
eCase Guiding Principles
Integrated into IR
functions and
Embraced and
throughout IR
Promote current and
future compliance as
indicated in the
strategic direction
Enhance technology
capabilities to
strengthen customer
Improve timeliness,
focus, quality and
reporting of case
Kiwisaver Programme
New Zealand’s Voluntary Savings Initiative
– Started on 1 July 2007
– In the first year more than 716,00 people joined
Kiwisaver Online Portal
– Siebel records service requests and is used to
display their status to portal users
– Online service requests are passed onto Siebel
which passes the information to back end
– Potential to use Siebel in policing employer debt
compliance as part of Kiwisaver programme
Customer Relationship Management
To provide an analysis and high-level
transitional roadmap for a phased
implementation of a CRM solution
that leveraged IR’s investment in the
Siebel Public Sector solution to
support current and future state
CRM Programme Elements
– Service strategy and customer segmentation
– Channel strategy
– End-to-end business systems
– Real-time analytics & predictive modelling
– Siebel Public Sector Suite as an enabler
Change Management
– Leadership
– Communication and engagement
Single Customer View
Service Strategy
“2012/13 A customer’s history, including
compliance, status of transactions,
enquiries and preferences is collated into
a single view”
All Inland Revenue staff that interact with
customers have access to this
Key Challenges
 Interfaces with other systems
 Migration of legacy system data
 Configuration to business requirements
and new business processes with no
 Business integration
 Ongoing post implementation support
Interface with Other Systems
– Client Database
– HR Information System
– Access Control System
– Identity & Access Management
 Data Warehouse
– Document Storage & Retrieval
 Acquisition and implementation of Siebel
supports our strategic direction and processes
 Phased roll-out of Siebel capabilities aligns
with our change management philosophy
 eCase has been successfully deployed to
audit, litigation management and technical
services users
 Siebel will support our current customer
relationship management services and deliver
future organisational objectives of end-to-end
customer centric management
 We are working to overcome business
challenges in introducing Siebel capabilities