Using Analytics (Siebel 7.7)



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Using Analytics (Siebel 7.7)

Student Guide

April 2004

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Table of Contents

Module i: Introduction

Module 1: Siebel Analytics Overview

Module 2: Exploring Siebel Analytics User Interfaces

Lab 2-1: Creating Requests in Siebel Answers

Module 3: Using Formulas and Filters

Lab 3-1: Using Formulas and Filters

Module 4: Views and Charts in Requests

Lab 4-1: Modifying Views

Lab 4-2 Adding Pivot Tables to a Request

Module 5: Creating Siebel Analytics Intelligence Dashboards

Lab 5-1: Creating a New Dashboard Page

Lab 5-2: Using Prompts to Filter Dashboard Data

Lab 5-3: Embedding Content in a Dashboard

Module 6: Creating iBots for Siebel Delivers

Lab 6-1: Creating iBots for Siebel Delivers

Lab 6-2: Chaining an iBot

Module 7: Wrap-Up

Using Analytics (Siebel 7.7) i

Using Analytics (Siebel 7.7) ii