Case Study

Case Study
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Leading U.S. Government Solutions Provider improves Business Growth by
Modernizing Existing Applications through Comprehensive Siebel
Analytics Services
Client Overview
Large U.S. Government Solutions Provider.
Hexaware’s Business Intelligence & Analytics Practice worked with the organization on the
design and development of TPMS toll data mart covering the following
115 dashboards and 140 reports in Siebel Answers
32 Subject areas in the Siebel Analytics Repository
138 DAC tasks
The Challenge
The organization wanted to modernize its
legacy Forte/RDB/Actuate based toll
management application to enhance
reporting and analytical capabilities. The
modernization required redevelopment of
around 180 reports in Siebel Analytics.
190 Informatica Mappings
Hexaware successfully solved several problems which were originally declared as undoable by
Siebel Expert Services in Siebel Analytics version 7.8. For instance:
Business Benefits
Hexaware’s solution provided the following
key benefits to the organization:
Requirement to present information which pertain to multiple date ranges in a single dashboard
(e.g. data for selected date range alongside data from start of month to current date and data
from start of year to current date).
Better experience to the client’s end users
due to flexible, graphic rich and user
friendly dashboards
Requirement to filter multiple data columns based on a single user supplied prompt.
Availability of drill-down and navigation
features in dashboards enabled the
organization’s end-users to interact with
the information and extract business
intelligence from dashboards which were
formerly used as static reports
Hexaware developed a generic process to report technical errors logged during ETL execution
and solved technical setup problems in the seed data provided by Siebel.
Conducted a detailed analysis of existing reports functionality and identified the best fit solution
Identified of out-of-box warehouse tables and mappings that would best fulfill the customer’s
requirement with minimal customization
Mapping of existing report fields to Siebel data model and legacy source applications
A scalable data warehouse which could
easily be expanded to meet the future
business intelligence and reporting
Designed data warehouse star schemas to accommodate the Siebel data
Developed SRMW (mapping of source data fields to target system)
Prepared Informatica Mappings with maximum reuse of Siebel out-of-box mappings
Created execution workflows in Siebel Data warehouse Administration Console (DAC)
Change capture mechanism was set up for identifying and capturing incremental data created
Design and Development of Business model, Business layer and presentation layer in Siebel
Technology Environment
OLAP Tools – Siebel Analytics Suite
7.8.5 (now rebranded as OBIEE)
ETL Tools – Informatica 7.1, DAC
Databases – Oracle 10g
Design and definition of security model to control access to dashboards based on user role
definitions and privileges.
Other Technologies – Hexaware’s
Solution Accelerator, DART
Development of dashboards that replicated the functionality of the existing reports
Source Systems – TPMS Legacy
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