Graduate Recruitment - Global Career Company

Graduate Programme
Proposal presented to
Recruiting Excellence for Emerging Markets
Why Global Career Company?
Established in 2002
Market leader for Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East, CEE and Latin America
Recruited over 8,000 professionals into 70 countries worldwide
A blue-chip client base of over 400 leading companies
Over 180, 000 graduates and professionals, 50,000 marketing and sourcing channels and over
15,000 ‘C’ level corporate decision-makers constitute our global network
A team with over 25 years of experience, 20 nationalities and over 30 regional dialects who
posses international perspective alongside a localised understanding
A portfolio of recruitment solutions offering our corporate clients and candidates choice
Organisers of 20 world-class recruitment events every year
Over 1 million visits a month to our regional websites
Over 500 successful recruitment assignments completed
Creative solutions to the ever-changing environment for attracting and recruiting across the
emerging markets.....
Our Candidates
We focus on attracting difficult to reach candidates
from around the world with that potent mix of
international experience combined with local
Our candidates combine a powerful mix of
outstanding academic qualifications, and relevant
international experience. Our candidates also
possess the following:
Up to 20 years of professional experience
Strong managerial potential and/or technical
Fluency in French, English, Russian, Polish
Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic
Candidate Demographic Breakdown
Direct Sourcing Channels
We utilise a variety of channels including:
Over 1,000 contacts with Career Services, Faculty Heads and International Offices across the world’s leading
universities and business schools
Our global network of over 180,000 graduates, MBAs and professionals
Contacts with clubs, societies and associations across Europe
Over 300 Alumni association contacts and over 200 Student Ambassadors
Presentations at over 100 universities, business schools and Executive Management Schools worldwide
Embassies and High Commissions
Targeted groups set up throughout online Social Networks
Over 5,000 professionals recruited through us acting as our ambassadors
Targeted Trade and Career fair events
Advertising and PR Campaigns across targeted jobsites
Our print and online Global Media Partners
Our Track Record
Professionals in our network
Candidates that have attended our Summits
Candidates recruited into jobs worldwide
Successful recruitment assignments
Companies we recruit for
Countries we recruit into
Graduate Recruitment Campaigns
An integrated communications campaign designed to meet a
specific recruitment drive; in this case a global graduate programme
Multiple sourcing channels would be utilised to attract the best
talent across the Emerging markets
Our recruitment team would handle all responses and manage all
screening, selection and assessment processes to the final
interview stage
As a natural conclusion to a Recruitment Campaign, we would
design and organise Recruitment & Assessment Days which can
incorporate interviews, presentations, business games and
assessment centres or simply consist of scheduled interviews
Client Briefing
& Campaign
and Preselection
Graduate Recruitment: Integrated
We would consult Unilever on designing an effective integrated communications campaign supported
by an online recruitment platform. This would be direct, or through our communications partner, a
global branding specialist
Candidate Management System & Microsite
Campaign tools
We custom build and host your own strongly branded
recruitment microsite to communicate with graduates
across the world and capturing and their interest and
applications for screening and selection. This can be
linked to an on-line assessment system
Preparation of a full suite of communication tools to bring
the brand to life including
Exhibition stands
Event material
Graduate Recruitment:
Multiple Sourcing Channels
We would provide Unilever a full integrated channel marketing plan using GCC assets as well as our
partners access to wider channels
Campus marketing
Online marketing
•Campus-related Events
•Use of Campus Ambassadors and Student Reps
•Giveaways and Competitions
• Banner advertising links to/from multitude of local,
regional and international graduate-read websites
Over 1 million page impressions
over 200,000 unique visitors per month
Average time on site: over 5 minutes
Graduate Recruitment: Selection &
Assessment Support
For large-scale application processing, we have the facilities within various support service
centres in Philippines and Poland to handle all response management and selection
Our team of multi-lingual consultants would screen and select the best candidates coming
through our Candidate Management System
Selection Services to include:
- CV pre-selection
- telephone selection
- on-line assessment
- organisation of in-country interviews and/or design of in-country and international
Recruitment & Assessment Days
- Final Interviews
- Offer Management
Case Study 1: Unilever Bank –
Global Sourcing Campaign
Example of larger scale Pan-African graduate
recruitment campaign:
Campaign conducted across Europe and the US for African
graduates and young professionals with up to 3 years postacademic experience and nationals from Cameroon,
Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania.
• Over 4000 applications generated
• 1700 candidates assessed
• 86 candidates passed to offer stage……
Case Study 2: Diageo – Global
Sourcing Campaign
Example of smaller regional graduate campaign:
Global campaign to source Southern Sudanese and
Ethiopians for graduate positions in Diageo Africa Commercial
(Sales and Marketing) and Supply Divisions
• Over 800 applications generated
• 80 candidates assessed
• 14 candidates passed to offer stage
Case Study 3: Online Marketing
Examples for Barclays and HSBC
Unilever Graduate Programme
• Graduate Recruitment for Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic
of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Seychelles, Sierra
Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia
Delivery options that GCC can assist:
• Programme Content Design – comms programme, sourcing strategy, selection and
recruitment process, measurement indicators and reporting. This would be in conjunction
with our RPO and Communications Partner
• Sourcing & Screening and Application Response Management
• Sourcing, Screening and Application Response Management & Selection
• Sourcing, Screening, Application Response Management, Selection & Assessment
• All the above will be supported by a full end-to-end applicant, candidate management and
recruitment process system
Key Features
Designated Graduate Recruitment Campaign designed to attract specific skills for Unilever
over a set time period;
Utilisation of all attraction channels available to Global Career Company;
A team of Recruitment Consultants with English, French and Portuguese language skills will
work alongside your own resourcing function to either assist in the process or fully manage the
process to fully outsourced delivery ;
An end-to-end recruitment solution tailored to your own recruitment process;
Customised online application and selection process;
On-line and/or Off-line Graduate Assessment systems (SHL/Thomas International etc);
Utilisation of Recruitment Summits and/or design and implementation of your own Recruitment
Days across the international markets and in-country across Africa
Our Standard Fees
Recruitment Campaigns
Consulting Services to include:
Programme Content, Communications Strategy Design &
Implementation and Project Management
Sourcing Processes to include:
Campus presentations
Direct marketing through our Sourcing Channels and our Global
Social network penetration for ‘Gen Y’
Participation at on-line and physical career fairs
Advertising across graduate media
Selection Processes to include:
CV screening
On-line testing
Telephone selection services
Assessment Services
Recruitment Day Design, Organisation and Delivery
Online Recruitment Advertising Services
Fee per Service utilised
No Recruitment Fees
Unlimited hires
Consulting Fees from £1,000 per day
Fees from £650 per day to fixed quarterly sourcing
fees from £8,000 per month
Fees from £650 per day to fixed quarterly selection
fees from £4,000 per month
Assessment facilities costed out on a usage fee basis
from £1,500 per month for banners to £4,000 for a
fully customised microsite linking to CMS system
charged on a user basis