Neil Savery - Plumbing Supply Forum

WaterMark Certification Scheme
Neil Savery
General Manager
27 May 2014
• The Board is a joint initiative of all governments and
exists by way of an Inter-governmental Agreement.
• The Board’s Mission under the IGA is to address
issues of safety and health, amenity and
sustainability in the design, construction and
performance of buildings.
• It is also a regulatory reform vehicle for COAG.
• The BCA and PCA are national codes which are
developed and maintained by the ABCB.
• Both codes contain the minimum necessary
requirements for building construction and plumbing in
WMCS Transfer to the ABCB
Transferred to the ABCB on 25 February 2013
New WaterMark website established
WaterMark Product Database transferred
Database teething issues resolved
Governance documents re-branded and freely
available on ABCB website
• WMCAB forum in mid 2013
Operational Matters
• Technical Committee established
• 5 new WaterMark Technical Specifications published
• 3 WaterMark Technical Specifications currently being
• Plans for next WMCAB forum in near future
Operational Matters
• Average 10 enquiries per day - over 500 enquiries
completed (100+ technical in nature)
• 17 complaints processed (5 currently active)
• Ongoing regular engagement with State and Territory
• WMCAB conduct is being monitored
• Over 100 product licences have been terminated
WaterMark Review
• WaterMark Review Consultation Draft completed
• WMCS reference documents are fragmented and
• Previously WMCS was managed without clear
boundaries or division of duties between management,
administration and the accreditation body
• Key stakeholders had little consistent guidance
WaterMark Review contd
• Evaluation of Review outcomes presented to the Board
• Board supports in-principle an improved scheme
• Board deferred making recommendations to the
Building Ministers’ Forum
• RIS to be conducted
• Working Group established
• Aim to report back to the Board at the end of 2014
Regulatory Context
• Commonwealth Government’s deregulation agenda
• COAG’s deregulation agenda
• ABCB’s reform package
• National Commission of Audit
• Expectations of Minister
Plumbing Code of Australia
• Developed by the National Plumbing
Regulators’ Forum
• Modelled on the Building Code of Australia
• Released in 2004 - not adopted nationally
• 2010 CoAG decision on formation of National
Construction Code
• Re-released PCA in 2011 under the NCC
PCA Planning Day
• Develop a plan for the future direction of the
Plumbing Code of Australia
• Plumbing Code Committee and key plumbing
industry representatives
• Hobart – July 2013
• Open discussion on identifying future
directions and future needs of the plumbing
sector, including Watermark
Planning Day Outcomes
• Board endorsement for –
– Continued consolidation of plumbing matters into
the PCA
– Continued focus on variation reduction
– Increased focus on education and awareness
– Harmonisation between BCA and PCA
– Quantification and clarification of performance
– Future research priorities
• Backflow prevention
• Fixture unit ratings
• Warm water systems