The XL
Productivity Appliance™
Installs in hours. Configures in minutes.
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Improve Productivity – FAST!
Down Time
 Downtime Slashed by 94%
“The XL displays definitely generate a competitive interest on the plant floor. Until we put
the display up, it was not uncommon to see 160 minutes of shift downtime. Now that the
operators can see the down time in real time, it is down to just 10 or 12 minutes per shift.”
S.T. | Plant Engineer
International Glass Products Manufacturer
Before XL
After XL
Down Time Slashed by 94%
 Immediate 29% Improvement in Production Efficiencies
“We saw an immediate 29% improvement in production efficiencies just by adding Vorne
displays! The project has been so successful that we’ve now outfitted two complete plants
with XL800s and are working on another.”
R.H. | Engineer
Large Print Advertising Company
Before XL
After XL
Efficiency Improved by 29%
 XL Leads the Way to 22% Productivity Gain
“So far this year, we have been able to achieve a 22% improvement in OEE, and XL has
been an integral part of our improvement process. By knowing the status of all our lines in
real-time, we can address problems in real time.”
M.H. | Plant Manager
Personal Care and Household Products
Before XL
After XL
OEE Improved by 22%
What is XL?
XL is a new breed of device known as a Productivity Appliance™. It snaps on to your
existing processes and immediately delivers real-time performance data to all levels
of your company. A web-based interface means no software to install. And, it adds
value to all levels of your company: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational.
Strategic – Analytics
Tactical – Live Reports
Operational – Scoreboard
A suite of fully integrated analytics tools
provides a “big picture” view of production
for managers.
Live reports provide supervisors
with real-time information that
immediately exposes problems.
The plant floor scoreboard motivates
your operators to meet and exceed
goals. After all – everyone likes to win!
XL Analytics
Managers need accurate and timely information to make confident decisions. XL
Analytics provides a complete and accurate picture of plant floor performance,
with historical depth and perspective.
The Total Production Timeline™ provides a snapshot
of performance. Zoom in on problem areas and zoom
out for the bigger picture.
Down time analytics expose the top reasons for lost
productivity. Trend lines provide historical context. It’s the
foundation for improvement strategies.
XL Live Reports
Supervisors need instant access to “right here, right now” information. Is the current
job on target? Did the second shift meet goal? Did setup take longer than expected?
Are any lines down? Why?
 XL automates data collection AND data reporting.
 XL delivers accurate reports immediately – no waiting.
 XL tracks over 100 KPIs out of the box.
Supervisors can view 100+ KPIs
in real-time via web browser.
Generate production reports
with five clicks of a mouse.
View live updates of line performance on your
iPhone™ , iPod® touch, or iPad.
XL Scoreboard
Everyone likes to win. We all like to be “in the know”. That’s why the fastest
productivity gains often come from simply installing a plant floor scoreboard. XL
includes a feature-packed plant floor scoreboard – just plug it in and go!
A wide range of screens are
available out-of-the-box.
Show real-time performance
feedback for SMED programs.
Operators see down time in real
time – and respond immediately.
Show operators exactly how
much time is left for breaks.
Provide positive reinforcement
when goals are met.
Design your own screens with
integrated web-based tools.
XL Top Losses
The XL Top Losses report makes it blindingly simple to see your top losses, and
provides information unique to each type of loss as well as trend information to
help identify especially serious and emergent problems.
XL Trended Analytics
Are my shift OEE’s improving? Which shift is my star performer? Which part is
consistently a problem? Use Trended KPI’s to instantly track the performance of
each shift and each part over time.
XL Integrated Improvement
You’ve identified your Top Loss for the last month…..what do you do next? XL
includes a series of integrated improvement topics to help the team move from
problems, to solutions.
XL – A Global Solution
Wouldn’t it be great to instantly know the exact status of all of your production lines?
XL makes it easy! Production data is automatically rolled up by department, by
plant, or even multiple plants.
Use any of our built-in views or design your own. Either way, it’s easy to zero in on the exact information you need. Screens are
live and updated in real-time. If something catches your attention, simply click through for more detail.
XL – A Personal Solution
Focus with laser-like precision on the metrics that drive operational success for
you and your company. XL Visual Controls provide a fast and easy way to build
personalized web pages – drag and drop right in your browser.
The KPI Control displays production metrics of your choice and the Form Control
simplifies data entry.
XL is Easy
XL is exceptionally easy to use. Here’s why:
No software to install.
Step by step instructions.
Immediate out-of-the-box operation.
“Bolts-on” to your existing process.
Fully integrated reporting and analytics.
Fully integrated production scoreboard.
Free technical support from XL experts.
Lots of documentation and examples.
“I never imagined that a product, company or
support could be as good as people were
saying. I am now a true believer and
customer. You not only delivered all that you
promised but even more.”
J.C. | Engineering Manager
Wheel and Drive Component Manufacturer
“The best thing about it is that it was so easy
to install. Add the fact that we didn't have to
deal with software to see our real-time data
and the XL600 is a real winner.”
D.G. | Plant Manager
Hospitality Products and Services
“I am very impressed with the XL! Just two wires
is all it takes to get a tremendous amount of realtime process data.”
S.R. | Senior Electrical Engineer
Global Automaker
Getting Started with XL
XL taps into your existing processes. Simply connect one or two sensors and XL will
immediately start delivering an incredibly rich set of actionable information to all
levels of your company.
One Sensor
Total Count, Current Rate, Average Rate, Current Cycle Time, Last Cycle Time, Average Cycle
Time, Run Time, Last Run Event, Percent Run, Down Time, Last Down Event, Percent Down,
OEE Availability
Second Sensor
Good/Reject Count, Percent Good/Reject, Good/Reject Rate, OEE Quality
Cycle Time
Standard Cycles, Standard Cycles Time, Slow Cycles, Slow Cycles Time, Small Stops, Small
Stops Time, OEE Performance, OEE
Takt Time
Target Count, Pace Timer, Takt Time, Count Variance, Time Variance, Efficiency
Pieces to Goal, Percent of Goal
Setup Code
Setup Time, Last Setup Event, Percent Setup
Time Schedule
Standby Time, Last Standby Event, Percent Standby, Remaining Time
Exceptional Support
Vorne takes pride in providing exceptional support that makes your job easier. Every
XL product comes with FREE phone, fax, and email support. Best of all, XL support
is provided by Vorne engineers who are true XL experts.
Every XL device also includes a fully integrated online Documentation Center with
instant access to:
XL Quick Start
XL User Guide
XL Step by Step
XL Developer Guide
XL Configuration Reference
XL Lean Handbook
Try XL – For FREE!
Fact. 86.7% of companies that try XL, buy XL. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s effective.
We invite you to test drive XL for 90 days. FREE!
 In your factory.
 On your lines.
 With your crews.
During your trial, Vorne will provide full technical support:
 Quick answers to all your questions.
 Ideas that will help you get the most from XL.
 Tweaks to configuration to ensure XL is a perfect match.
What Does It Cost?
XL is amazingly cost effective. But really, you should be the judge of that. Every XL
includes all of the analytics and live reporting features described in this presentation.
No hidden costs. No additional fees. No reason to wait.
XL800 Large Alphanumeric Graphics Display – $3,790 (North American Pricing)
A visually expressive graphics display embeds real-time performance data into a virtually
unlimited number of screens – instantly responding to plant-floor events as they occur.
XL600 Large Digital Multiple Line Display – $2,790 (North American Pricing)
A powerful twist on the classic Andon featuring 2.3" ultra-bright digits. Reversible legend
plates and configurable display fields make it easy to reconfigure the display at any time.
XL400 Large Digital Single Line Display – $1,690 (North American Pricing)
A low cost entry-level model with a 4” smart display. Show count or rate during normal
operation, down time when the line goes down, and remaining time during breaks.
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