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Manufacturing Productivity Solutions
Management Metrics for Lean Manufacturing Companies
Total Productive Maintenance (T.P.M.)
Overall Equipment Effectivity (O.E.E.)
What Is Provideam?
Provideam is a software application which:
 Connects to all types of production equipment
 Collects data manually, automatically or semiautomatically
 Stores the data in an enterprise-class database
 Provides a sophisticated array of customisable OEE,
Productivity & Downtime Reports
Why Use Provideam?
Provideam helps companies to:
 Reduce Losses
 Increase Productivity
 Accelerate Innovation
 Drive Profits.
Companies who use Provideam get significantly
more from their production equipment !
Who Uses Provideam?
Leading companies in:
 Electronics
 Medical Devices
 Food and Drinks
 General Manufacture
have realised high impact results through their
use of Provideam !
How Does Provideam Work?
What are the Key Benefits?
 Provides instant visibility of OEE, Yield, Downtime
 Motivates Production Teams to Exceed Targets
 Enables Comparison of Production Parameters –
Part, Shift, Machine, Material etc.
 Highlights the Effect of Changes in Material, Part,
Operation on Machine Performance
 Guides Machine Improvements & Investment
 Reduces Administration Costs
What are the Key Benefits?
How is Provideam Used?
Current Status Enables Operators to Track Production in Real-time
Real-time Production Visibility Motivates Operators to Exceed Targets
How is Provideam Used?
Downtime Log Allows Technicians to Analyze Machine Failure Modes
How is Provideam Used?
Trend Reports Allows Production to be Monitored over any Time Period
Planners can Monitor if Targets are being Achieved
How is Provideam Used?
OEE Loss Reports Spotlight Main Causes of Loss by Level (Drilldown to Level3)
Lean Teams Analyze Losses, Implement Improvements and Monitor Results
Provideam OEE Module
Main Components:
Provideam OEE Live
Provideam OEE Reporting
Provideam OEE Dashboard
Provideam OEE Manual Entry
Provideam OEE Plan Adherence
Provideam OEE Admin
Provideam Live
Provideam Live is a Powerful Realtime Display Engine
It Enables Users to Monitor
 The Status of Production Areas, Lines & Machines etc.
 Key Performance Indicators
 Downtime & Defect Issues as they Occur
Provideam Reporting
The Provideam Report Wizard Enables Users to;
 Create Quickly and Easily, a Comprehensive Array of
Customised Reports.
 Query by Hour, Day, Week, Month or any Customised Period
 Filter By Production Area, Line, Machine, Shift, Operator,
Material etc.
 Report on all the Popular Key Performance Indicators, KPI’s
Provideam Reporting
Report Wizard
Provideam Reporting
Tabular & Graphic Formats
Provideam Dashboard
The Provideam Dashboard Enables Users to;
 Quickly access Shift Data in Real-time
 Append Manual Data (eg Lot Name, PartName etc) to
Automatically Captured Data
 Adjust/Comment on Downtime Data
 Reconcile Manual Quality Inspection with Data Captured
 Review Historical Shifts
Provideam Manual Data Entry
The Provideam Manual Data Entry Module Enables Users to;
 Input Production/Downtime Data Manually for Unconnected
 Adjust/Comment on Data
 Report on Manual Data side by side Automatic Data
Provideam Administration
The Provideam Administration Module Enables Users to;
 Configure Provideam to Model Users Manufacturing
 Add/Modify Machines, Downtime Codes, Defect Codes etc.
 Configure User Security Rights
Provideam OEE Administration
Provideam Plan Adherence
The Provideam Plan Adherence Module enables Users to;
 Import Production Plans
 Compare Actual Production to Planned Production
 Determine when the Current Production Run is likely to be
Provideam Plan Adherence
Provideam Data Collection Services
Provideam Data Collection Services are Highly Efficient
Windows Services which;
 Connects to All Types of Production Equipment
 PLC’s
 Moulding Machines
 CNC Machines
 PC Controlled Machines
 Collects Data Automatically and Store in Provideam Database
* These Services can be installed on Several Servers to Distribute the Communications
Processing Load.
Recap On Key Benefits
Provideam’s Key Benefits:
Collects Data Automatically
Easy to Configure and Use
Real-time Production Visibility
Powerful Reporting Engine
Web Application
Leading companies realised high impact results
through their use of Provideam !
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