Gradebook - little

Little Language Academy
Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction
Things you can do
Take Attendance
Create Categories for Grading
Create Assignments
Access Student Information
Customize Reports (limited)
Print Reports
Publish Online Grade Reports for Parents
(parents will be issued usernames and passwords
to access their child’s information)
PowerTeacher Technology
 Computer
 Internet Access
 Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer
 Java
 Adobe Acrobat Reader
Launching PowerTeacher
To launch PowerTeacher, open your web browser and type in the above URL.
Open your web browser and navigate to click on the Employees
link and select PowerTeacher. You will be directed to the PowerTeacher login page.
Changing Password
PowerTeacher Start Page
Taking Attendance
Backpack (student
Print Reports (limited)
Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Taking Attendance
1. Click on the
Chair icon for the
2. Select the correct
attendance code.
3. Click in the cell
next to the
student name.
4. Click submit.
Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Student Names
Attendance Code
Multi-Period Attendance
Drop-down menu for
different sections
Click the 1 to take
attendance for the first
part of the period.
Click Submit.
Click the 2 to take
attendance for the 2nd
part of the period.
Click Submit.
Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Launching the Gradebook
From the navigation
pane, click
Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Launching the Gradebook
To open the
gradebook, click
PowerTeacher Gradebook
Class lists
Task tabs
Student Groups
Student names
1. Click the “+” to add a
2. Click the “-” to delete a
3. Double click a category
name to view/modify a
Adding Categories
Fill out the
form and click
Check the points
possible for each
Category. The
default setting is 10.
Depending on your
grading method.
Category Colors
Choose the color you
would like to use for the
NEW category.
Do NOT change the colors
for the default categories.
If you add a new category,
you may select a color not
already in use.
Hands-On Activities
Scroll through the default categories:
1. How many points is each
assignment in each category
2. Are scores to be recorded and
displayed in points,
percentages or letter grades?
3. Are scores to be included in the
final grade?
Hands-On Activities
Add two categories of your own to
PowerTeacher gradebook:
• Click the Tools menu at the top of your
screen, select Categories.
•Click the Plus button in the lower lefthand corner to add a new category.
•Enter information into the appropriate
•Click the Plus sign to add the second
•Click Close to close the Categories
dialog box.
Current Term
Grade Setup
Make sure
you are in
the current
term and
the correct
Curriculum & Instruction Dept.
Grade Weighting – Quarters
Total Points
Select the
current term.
This example
shows Q1
(quarter 1).
Click the
radio button
to select
Total Points.
Grade Weighting – Quarters
Category Weights
Select the
current term.
This example
shows Q1
(quarter 1).
Click the
radio button
to select
To add a
click the add
Grade Setup – Add
Categories to be used in
Category Weights Click the box by each
Category you want to
include in your grade
Click OK when you have
selected all the
You will need to set up
Category Weighting in
each class. It will NOT
carry over from one
class to another.
Final Grade Setup –
End of the Semester/Year
Click the
Setup Tab
Select S1 for
semester one.
Select S2 for
semester two.
Final Grade
Setup –
End of the Semester/Year
Hands On - Final Grade
In the exercise below, you will practice going through the Grade
Setup process.
 Click the Grade Setup tab. The main window of the
PowerTeacher gradebook is divided into two panes. The
upper pane shows icons representing the years and terms as
they were set up in PowerSchool. The lower pane contains a
set of radio buttons you can select to determine the final
grade setup. (Note: if you do not see the terms you wish to
work with, select a different term from the menu above the
class list on the left.)
 Select a term to work with by clicking it in the upper window.
 Choose a method
Click the “+”
sign to add a
Click the “-”
sign to
delete an
In the New Assignment window, name the assignment.
The abbreviation will fill in automatically.
Click the drop-down to select the Category type.
Enter the weight. Example: if a test counts twice, you enter 2. Do
not enter percentages here.
5. Enter the Due Date.
6. By default, there is a check in the Include in Final grade. Do
nothing if the assignment is included in the final grade. If the
assignment is not included in the final grade, click the box to
clear the check mark.
7. Click SAVE.
Recording Scores
1. Click the Scoresheet tab.
2. Click in the cell representing the intersection of the row
containing a student’s name and the column of the
assignment you want to score.
3. Enter scores that match to the type of score you set up
when you created the assignment; numbers for points and
percentage, letters for letter grades. If you would like to
mark an assignment Exempt, type EX into the cell on the
4. Press Enter to advance to the next student, or Tab to
advance to the next assignment.
5. When you have finished entering scores, click Save.
6. In the event that you accidentally overwrite scores by
entering values in the wrong assignment column, click
Save and Revert
Click on file then choose save,
revert or exit.
Fill Scores
1. Click the Scoresheet tab.
2. Right-click on the assignment details in the column
heading, and select Fill Scores. Or, click on the Tools
menu, and select Fill Scores.
3. Choose to Fill Empty Scores for the assignment, or to
Replace All Scores for the assignment.
4. Mark the assignment Collected, Late, Exempt, or enter
the Score for the assignment.
5. Click OK.
Bonus or Extra
Credit Points
To add bonus or extra credit points the assignment
score type should be set as points with points
possible set as zero.
PowerTeacher-Gradebook won't allow setting score
type of percentage (or letter grade) with points
possible of zero; an alert window appears indicating
that "assignment information is not valid".
Editing a Score
1. Click the score, drag over it to highlight and
type the new score over it, or delete it and enter
a new score.
2. The score will appear highlighted in gray until
you click Save.
3. If you want to change the Score Type, select the
assignment and open up the assignment detail
pane by clicking the arrow at the top right of the
column heading.
Changing Points Possible
1. Open the Assignment Detail pane of an
assignment that has already been scored by
clicking the Expand button at the top of the
assignment’s column heading in the Scoresheet.
2. Change the value in the Points Possible field to 50
and click Save.
3. As soon as you click Save, a warning will appear.
If you know the scores you have entered are
correct and do not need to be changed, click OK.
Using Score Inspector
1. Click the Tools menu
and select the Score
2. Click a cell in the
assignment column.
3. Clear – clears the score
4. Save.
Legend for Score
Publish Assignments
Copying Assignments
Copying Assignments
Click the box next to the
classes that you want to
copy an assignment to.
Click OK.
Editing an Assignment
Click the “X” to close the
assignment information
Creating a Group Set
1. Click the “+” sign under
Student Groups to add a
group set.
2. Select Add Group Set
3. Name the Group Set
4. Click OK
Creating a Group
Click the arrow next to the set to expand
and to be able to view groups within
a set.
Add Students to a Group
1.After you have created a set and created one or more groups within a set,
you can add students to a group.
2.Note: Students can only belong to one group within a given set.
3.Select a class from the Classes pane.
4.In the Student Groups pane, click the expanding arrow next to the set that
contains the group you want to add students to.
5.Select the group.
6.Do one of the following:
• Click the Scoresheet tab.
• Click the Students tab.
7.Select the student you want to add. (student name appears highlighted in
8.Drag and drop the student into the group.
Note: To select multiple students, press and hold the CONTROL key and click
all students to be added to the group.
Note: If one or more students already belong to a group, the Move Students to
Group window appears. Click Move Eligible to add the remaining students,
Move All to add all the students, or click Cancel.
Highlight Student Groups
• Click the down arrow
• Select Highlight Selected
• Select Active to view students
who are currently enrolled in the
• Select Dropped to view
students who are no longer
enrolled in the class.
• Select one or more sets.
• Select one or more groups.
• Select one or more students.
• Select any combination of
Filter Student Groups
1. Select a class from the Classes pane.
2. In the Student Groups pane, choose Filter Selected from the
pop-up menu.
3. Do one of the following:
Note: To view the contents of a set or group, click the arrow next to
that set or group. Alternately, to hide the contents of a set or
group, click the arrow again.
• Select Active to view students who are currently enrolled
in the class.
• Select Dropped to view students who are no longer
enrolled in the class.
• Select one or more sets.
• Select one or more groups.
• Select one or more students.
• Select any combination of above.
Note: To make multiple selections, press and hold the CONTROL
key to click on multiple selections.
4. Select Highlight Selected from the pop-up menu to highlight the
selected group of students. Those students will be highlighted
in the student pane.
Filtering the Scoresheet
Hands-on Activity
Have teachers do the following:
Create a group set
Rename the group set “Resource”
Create a group in the Resource set
Name the group ”Nagib”
Drag 3 students into the Nagib group
Highlight students in Nagib group
Filter class by the Nagib group
Attendance Grid Report
Category Total Report
Final Grade and Verification Report
Individual Student Report
Missing Assignment Report
Scoresheet Report
Student Multi-Section Report
Student Roster Report
Choose the report you
wish to run.
Customize layout tab
Choose the criteria
for the report
Customize Layout Reports
Set report title
Top notes and
included more
by clicking the
“Include box.
Attendance Grid Report
 Generates a list of students in table format. You
can use this report to take attendance at field
trips or other out-of-classroom events. You can
also use it as a convenient roster for taking
notes during student presentations or to track
class participation.
Category Total Report
 Run the Category Total report to generate a
summary of the assignment category totals for
each reporting term. It can be grouped by
student and class. This report displays graphs
for assignment count and average score per
Final Grade and Comment
Verification Report
Run the Final Grade and Comment Verification
report to generate a list of final grades and
teacher comments for students grouped by
section, then by reporting term.
Individual Student Report
 Run the Individual Student report to generate
section scores by assignment, and the final
grade for each reporting term, listed in a one
page per student layout.
Missing Assignments
 Run the Missing Assignments report to
generate a list of assignments that have not
been scored. The report can be generated for
assignments that are missing per assignment
or per student.
Scoresheet Report
 Run the Scoresheet report to generate a
spreadsheet-style summary of student grade
and assignment date. You can use this report to
view final grades for all reporting terms and
assignments that are within a specific date
range, for all students.
Student Multi-Section
 Run the Student Multi-Section report to
generate section scores by assignment, and
the final grade for each reporting term, listed in
a one page per student layout. This report is
similar to the Individual Student Report, but is
able to present information from any section
that the student is taking.
Student Roster Report
 Run the Student Roster report to generate a
summary of student demographic information on a
student-by-student basis. When generating this
report, you can specify which columns of student
data to list on the report, and in what order. In
addition, you can add up to six blank columns with
customizable column headings.
 A lot of information can be viewed in this report.
For example, mother’s name, father’s name, home
phone, email address, and emergency contacts.
This is great report to have at your finger tips for
phone calls and emails to parents.
Quitting PowerTeacher
 From the gradebook menu bar, choose File >
 From the gradebook menu bar, choose
PowerTeacher Gradebook > Quit
PowerTeacher Gradebook.
 Note: If you have unsaved changes, a window
indicates the changes that you made. To save
the changes, click Yes. Otherwise, click No.