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Ms. Munafo
North Forest Pines Elementary
Welcome Parents!
I appreciate the time you took out of
your busy schedules to attend!
Goals for open house:
To help you understand the work your
child will be doing throughout the school
To explain my expectations of your child.
To share information about how you can
support your child’s learning.
Our Classroom Environment
Show Self Control
Operate Safely
Act Responsibly
Respect Myself &
•Silent Zones
•Falcon Tickets
•Class Dojo
Daily Schedule
7:50-9:10 9:10-10:3010:35-11:2511:30-12:1512:30-1:151:15-2:052:15-
**Brain Breaks
Curriculum Goals
Math- Multi-digit Multiplication and
Division; Fractions & Decimals; Algebra;
Data Collection
Reading – CROPQV; Inferences; Character
Traits & Motivation; Author’s Purpose and
Point of View; Elements of Fiction & Non
Science- Weather Systems; Ecosystems;
Motion & Design; Human Body Systems
Writing – Persuasive Writing; Personal
Memiors; Fantasy; Research Reports
Social Studies – Economics; Revolutionary
War; Government; Westward Expansion
Each student will receive a 1, 2, 3, or 4 on graded
assignments and assessments.
A level 1 score indicates the student is struggling to
understand the grade level objectives – even with
teacher or peer support.
A level 2 score indicates that the student is showing
understanding of grade level skills and objectives,
however continues to need teacher or peer support to
show consistency.
A level 3 score indicates that the student is showing
consistent, independent mastery of grade level skills
and objectives.
A level 4 score indicates that the student is showing
consistent, independent mastery of grade level skills
and objectives and consistently shows evidence of
applying the skills and objectives during everyday
Practice work will receive a “P” rather than a number
mClass is a county wide assessment
system that tests student’s reading
fluency and comprehension.
Home connect reports will be
generated and emailed to keep you
up to date on your child’s reading
Homework will be assigned Monday through
Each night students will be assigned to read
for 20 minutes, complete a word work activity,
and a math assignment.
Some assignments will require more than one
night’s completion time (hw is differentiated!)
Weekend assignments will only be given for a
student needing make-up work due the
previous week.
Homework is due at the beginning of class
on the assigned date.
Generally, a grade is not given on homework
assignments, and this system is used:
*P: the work was complete (neat,
organized, and followed directions) and
ready to be turned in on time
Incomplete: homework was not turned in
or work was not completed according to
given expectations.
Monday Folders
Monday folders will go home each Monday.
Please be sure to look over the papers
Folders should be returned to school each
Please send a written note of explanation
whenever your child is absent within 3 days
of the absence. State law requires us to code
each absence as excused or unexcused.
Excused absences include illness, doctor
appointments, and death in the immediate
Unexcused absences include out-of-town
trips (not pre-approved), missing the bus,
and sleeping in.
Lunch Money
Students who do not receive free lunch must either pay
for their lunch or bring their own from home. Having
students pay by the week or month can eliminate most
lunch money problems.
Our school has a computerized system which effectively
keeps track of all money paid to each child’s account. If
there is a question about money in an account please
contact the cafeteria manager.
When writing a check for your child’s lunch account
please write the child’s name and lunch number on the
check. Checks for lunch accounts must be turned into
the cafeteria before 10:00 a.m.
To learn about the options that are available to parents
go to www.wcpss.net/child-nutrition.
There are many ways that you can be involved! Parental
involvement is encouraged!
Wake County requires that all parent volunteers
complete a computerized volunteer questionnaire. In
order to participate one-on-one with students, you must
be cleared at a level 3 or 4 (this requires a back-ground
You must be at least a level three to chaperone a
field trip!
Please take time at the beginning of the year to complete
this questionnaire if you have never done so. The
questionnaire must be completed on a WCPSS computer,
and must be renewed each new school year! This can be
done in the classroom today, or any Monday morning in
the media center.
Field Trips
Camp Hanes- YMCA Camp in King, NC
Team Building Activities Related to the
Core Curriculum
Overnight Trip
We will be needing chaperones!!
Cost: Approx. $130
What makes a classroom work is the mutual respect and
support we have for one another as teachers, students,
and parents.
I value your opinions in regard to your child.
Your insights and concerns when problems occur are
important to us.
Students and parents should discuss concerns before
they become major problems.
If there are questions/concerns, please contact me at
school either via a phone call, written note, or e-mail. I
will respond as soon as possible. Please remember that
phone messages will not be received immediately
(except for emergencies). I check our e-mail several
times during the day and am usually able to respond
with 24-48 hours.
Weekly updates, homework, learning objectives,
and newsletters will be posted to our class
Visit the NFP website for up to date school
information and events.
If a homework assignment needs clarification,
discontinue working on it and send a note/email
the next day.
I am willing to set up a conference, at your
convenience, to discuss concerns and your child’s
progress. Regular conferences will be scheduled
late in the first quarter and third quarter,
however, I am more than happy to set up other
conferences any time you have questions or
Odds & Ends
Dress Code
Transportation- One main mode
(send a note if there is a change)
Join the PTA- $6.00
Home Support
Visit NFP and Class
website weekly
for communication
(email, NFP twitter,
sign up for
Monday Folders
Small Groups
Falcon Fest Basket (Silent Auction)
Class Parent (Organize Quarterly
Celebration Treats or Holiday