organic solvents, Nitrites,

Nitrous Oxide

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Gasoline or other car products

Lighter fluid including charcoal and butane

Aerosols spray items paints and compress air cleaner, adhesives, air fresheners, hair spray, shoe dressing

Paint thinners and removers

Transparent glues and rubber-cement, air plane glues

Nail polish and removers

Degreasers and cleaning fluids

Abuse resulting in chemical burn damaging to the eyes, nose and throat areas


 Commonly prescribed for heart conditions

 Called amyl nitrites or butyl nitrite

Abuse can result in high blood pressure resulting in strokes or irregular heart conditions that can permanently damage the performance of the heart


• Laughing gas used by dentists and anesthetics.

Combination of nitrogen and oxygen to ease pain during medical or dental procedures.

Commonly misused at parties along with the use of Helium as a means to alter your voice to sounding differently as being funny

Abuse resulting in damage to your vocal cords (larynx) prolonged used can permanently damage your voice box

Inhalant Abuse

 Huffing or inhaling are highly being abused in the

United States. Readily available in homes.

 Resent survey from the Office of National Drug

Control Policy by 8 th grade, 29.2% of students admit to having used inhalants. (Elementary aged students and 11-12 year olds have experimented with inhalants).

 By 12 th grade,51.2% of teens experimented with inhalants at least once.

 Inhalant abuse over the past 6 years has been linked to 800 deaths. Known term as (SSDS) sudden sniffing death syndrome.

 Other potentials to causing many serious health problems.

Permanent Damage to your body

 Psychological disorders like depression and suicidal thoughts and even suicide.

 Permanent personality changes such as extreme mood swings

 Memory and learning disabilities caused by brain damage

 Lung, liver and kidney damage or complete failure of these vital organs

 Limb numbness or paralysis

 Hearing loss or Vision problems may result in Blindness

Why Huffing is popular

Easily found in your home

Inexpensive can be purchased freely at the local retailers or supermarkets

Not easy to detect as other drug abuse, due to this fact these chemicals are not illegal by users.

Parents and other adults are unaware of the increasing popularity of this form of abuse. Yet our youth are seeing it on

T.V. You Tube which portrayed as


Common Products Abused

 General household chemicals

 Mixed with Prescription medications yours or others and over the counter drugs (OTC)

 Office and Craft supplies

 Personal hygiene products

Thousand of common household products are being used to get high.

The average age that adolescents first try this form of drug abuse is 11-12.

Warning Signs

Slurred speech

Chemical smell on breath or clothing

Paint stains on the body or face

Sores around the mouth

Red eyes or runny noses not related to medical conditions such as colds or allergies

Problems in school and sports performance

The 3 D’S drunk, dizzy or dazed appearance



 First- time users run the risk of (SSDS)

Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome .

 Abusers may suffer fatal irregularity of heartbeat (arrhythmia) or complete heart failure (arrest).

 The risk of SSDS seems to be higher if the abuser engages in strenuous physical activity or is suddenly startled.

Summary of Medical problems

 Heavy repeated abuse can result in life threating problems if not death

 permanent brain damage

 respiratory problems.

 Blindness

 Organ damage

 Central Nervous system breakdown


 Can you answer briefly the following questions.

1-What are Inhalants?

2- Why is this Drug Abuse


3-What does the term SSDS mean?

4What are the 3 D’S?


You have only one life and you choose how to manage caring for it during your lifetime.

Putting any foreign chemicals or substances into your body has a potential for permanent damage if not fatal results.

It only takes one time that could cost you serious life threating results, if not death as an out come.

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Increasing Peer pressure by so called friends or others, who offer any type of drug abuse as being cool, makes you look grown up and it can’t kill are misleading you.

Red Flags should go up that they are not your friends. For friends would not put other friends in a life and death situation if they truly cared.

Solutions : Being firm in NO means NO , by going somewhere else to be free from this type of peer pressure may ultimately save your life.

Asking your true best friends to leave with you , calling a parent or trusted adult to come and pick you up is a responsible and mature choice.

Remember to JUST SAY NO !!!!! And be safe and smart with your life

This is why you must take responsibility for your actions and choices within your younger years towards a better lifestyles for living a longer and happier life.