Student Success in the OCDSB - Ottawa

History of the Student Success
The Ministry of Education, in partnership
with the OCDSB, initiated the Student
Success program to help struggling students
be successful in grades 7-12. It provides
support for projects that are “good for all but
necessary for some”. There are four pillars
to the program:
•Community Culture
and Caring
Program Overview
There is a Student Success Teacher in every
secondary school who helps students with
recovering and rescuing credits. This allows
students to achieve credits without repeating
the whole course. We have consultant
support for literacy, numeracy and pathways.
The consultants provide workshops,
programs and individual teacher support as
we do “whatever it takes” to help a student
be successful. E-learning is an opportunity
that we offer our students to work on-line to
allow them to get caught up on their credit
accumulation. The success of the program is
measured by the improvement observed
across a range of nine indicators of student
Check List for a Student Success
Friendly School
• Teachers using brain compatible teaching
strategies in creating brain friendly
• Students understanding the purpose of
reading and constructing meaning
• Teachers modeling and explicitly teaching
reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing
and presenting skills
• Students engaging in collaborative learning
experiences, with a variety of choices
• Students having adequate time to process
their learning and construct meaning by
struggling with problem solving
• Teachers guiding student learning through
supported instruction and ample ongoing
• Visual displays of learning
• Students engaging in games, manipulatives,
software and other expressions of the
concrete phase of learning
• Students interacting with mathematics
individually, with peers and teachers and
taking risks in their learning of mathematics
• Students are presented with exemplars of
work and links to society and the world.
• Teachers highlighting pathways for all
• Guidance/Student Services are welcoming
and highlight and market all pathways
• The school promotes a safe and caring
environment for all
• Staff are flexible and committed to do
whatever it takes to ensure success
• There is a pyramid of interventions in
Literacy – involves the development of a
range of skills, knowledge and attitudes
that help to prepare learners for life in a
changing world community. It begins
with the acquisition of skills in reading,
writing, listening, speaking, viewing,
representing and responding. It becomes
the ability to understand, think, apply and
communicate effectively.
Numeracy – involves numerical, spatial
and data literacy. It empowers students to
describe, analyse, and question the
mathematics that is integral to their
rapidly-evolving world. The insights
gained from a rich learning environment
in mathematics afford the opportunity to
all students for full participation in a
complex information-based society.
Pathways – refers to the combination of
courses and supports that make up a
students educational program as they
work towards a destination (work,
apprenticeship, college or university). All
pathways stress the Essential Skills
needed for the workplace.
Community, Culture and Caring –
incorporates the OCDSB’s Safe and
Caring Schools initiative with specific
focus on developing character in our
students. It is embedded in all our
activities and it is specifically addressed
through workshops and staff conference.
E-learning - enhances and enriches the
achievement of learners through flexible
delivery. It promotes collaboration,
literacy skills, critical thinking and deep
Quotes from Students Involved in
Student Success Programs
• “I have a lot of good skills for the future.”
• “This opportunity was such a big help and I
hope this program goes on for many years!”
• “I have learned a lot doing this and now have
insight into what I want to do in life.”
Cooperative Education and OYAP
(Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) Through Cooperative Education, students
have an opportunity to “check out” a career
to determine if it is a good fit. Students can
earn up to 12 credits through cooperative
education. OYAP is a work experience in
an apprenticeship occupation:
Construction, Industrial, Motive Power, and
Service Sector. OYAP and Coop allow
students to “Jump Start” a career.
Student Success in the
• “I thoroughly enjoyed my time this semester,
and look forward to a potential career in the
• “Awesome, very very happy we did it!!!”
• “Can I do this again next year?”
• “My credit recovery teacher has really
helped me succeed!”
Special Ed
Peer Mediation
Itinerant Support
Case Study Evaluation
Doctor Verification
Social Work contact
SST/Teacher/Parent Conference
Weekly Progress Reports
Good Friend Program
Teacher Phone Calls to Parents
Survival skills for High School Summer
Grade 9 Advisory / Mentor program
Classroom level support
Pyramid of Interventions
The Ottawa-Carleton District
School Board challenges all
students to achieve personal
excellence in learning and
responsible citizenship within a
safe, equitable, diverse and
caring environment.