Chapter 8 lesson 1

Chapter 8 lesson 1
• What is Mental Health
Mental Health
• The ability to deal in a reasonable way
with the stresses and changes of everyday
People with Good Mental Health
• Have a positive outlook on life
• Accept limitations and have realistic goals
for themselves
• Can accept disappointment without
• Act responsibly
• Are aware of feelings and express them in
a healthy way
• Accept criticism without anger
How Do You View Yourself
• Accept the parts of yourself that you
cannot change
• Work to improve what you can change
• Don’t dwell on failures and
• Learn form your mistakes
Personality and Mental health
• Special mix of traits, feelings, attitudes and
Factors that Shape Your
• Heredity – height, skin, hair, eye color,
body type
• Environment – community, family &
friends, experiences
• Behavior – caring for yourself, caring for
others, reflecting your values
The Factor You Can Control
• Behavior – you can control this!!
• Most of values are learned from your
family and to a lesser extent from your
• Need to choose behaviors that promote
good health