Norman Rockwell `` The problem we all live with ``

Rockwell '' The
problem we all
live with ''
This is a painting made by Norman Rockwell in 1964. This works
deal about actuality,it embodies Ruby Brigdes the first black child
in a school for white children.
It's a historical scene. '' The problem we all live with '' express the
difficult of desegregation in USA.
This painting exposed in the Barack Obama's office, because
Ruby Brigdes became a egality symbol.
In the middle we can see Ruby is wearing a white dress,
express purity and innocence. She is sunrrended and
enclosed by four Marshall. The tomatoe embodies the
violence of spectator, it look like blood. We see some insult,
''Nigger'' and ''KKK''.
This painting is hyperealistic. It's real life scene, who
denounce social problem of every day life, especially
racism. Ruby is intimidated, rejeted, insult, poorly treated.
She embodies black population in this desegregation time.
The artist want to make us aware of injustices. Norman
Rockwell wish the end of racism in the world.
We choose this work because it proctect all the population
victim of racism and fight against injustice and