Since the early Cherokee settlements on the banks of

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Ruby Falls, a Distinctive Destination
Chattanooga, TN
Since Chief John Ross’s early Cherokee settlement on the banks of the Tennessee River,
Chattanooga has been a choice place to live, play, work, and most notably visit. Yearly millions of
visitors flock to this scenic city, nestled between the mountains, for much needed rest and
In the early 1900’s prior to the US Interstate system many American travelers used US-Hwy 41 as
a major passage from north to south. Because of it’s location beside the highway and the many
geological wonders it offers, the Lookout Mountain area of Chattanooga quickly became a favorite
stop for many travelers.
Opened in 1930, Ruby Falls, one of the first attractions opened on Lookout Mountain, has hosted
millions of visitors. It offers a unique natural experience for all who visit. Guests to this historic
attraction are lead on an hour long tour that is highlighted by the many spectacles located deep
underground. The Ruby Falls tour offers a rarely seen view of nature’s remarkable wonders such
as the many unusual rock formations, stream beds and cave passages. The highlight of the tour is
Ruby Falls; a 145 foot cascading waterfall located over 1120 feet underground. The waterfall
interestingly enough was named for its founder’s wife, Ruby Lambert.
The Ruby Falls tour begins and ends at “Cavern Castle”. Built in 1928, this landmark was placed
by the Tennessee Historical Commission on the National Register of Historic Places and is a
replica of a 15th century Irish Castle. The castle was constructed out of the limestone removed to
form the cavern’s paths and elevator shaft during its original excavation. The Lookout Mountain
Tower which is also part of the castle, offers a must see panoramic view of downtown Chattanooga
and the Tennessee River Valley.
Ruby Falls has played host to millions of visitors since its first tour in 1930 and has long been a
family favorite for generations. With the one of a kind spectacle that is Ruby Falls, the many
geological wonders in the Ruby Falls Cave, and its first class facilities it is easy see why Ruby Falls
is truly a distinctive destination.