Norman Rockwell (2) - Spring Brook Elementary School

Norman Rockwell
Spring Brook Elementary
Art Awareness
Mrs. Mores
Norman Rockwell
Early Life
20th century American
painter & illustrator
Born in New York City
At age 14 he enrolled in
The New York School of
Was always small in
stature and was picked on
for not being good at
He always loved painting
& detailed drawings
Personal Life
Illustrations of everyday life
scenarios for The Saturday
Evening Post magazine for over
40 years
When his first Post cover
appeared, the U.S entered into
World War 1
Norman Rockwell joined the U.S
navy as a military artist
Painted the common man and his
Used everyday models
“Sporting Boys”
Inspiration was life in
America at the time
Anything going on would
have influenced his art
He took a stand against
prejudice, inequality, and
Great sense of humor to viewer
Stylistic Traits
Enjoyed drawing boys, girls, teenagers and older people
Used earthy colors
Draws what you would see everyday nothing out of the ordinary
Used charcoal before final copy
One main focus in the piece
Always draws people
1st Publication
At19 years old, the art
editor for Boys Life,
published by the Boy
Scouts of America
Painted several covers,
1st published magazine
cover, Scout at Ship's
Wheel, in 1913 magazine
Rockwell’s Success
First successful cover
painting to the Post in 1916.
Published a total of 321
covers for The Saturday
Evening Post over 47 years.
Also painted covers for Life
Famous storyteller with
great titles for art
“The Shiner””
Class Project
You get to be
Norman Rockwell
today and sketch
your everyday life in
1M for your own
Spring Brook front
Your version of class in 1M
The End