Four Freedoms

Oh Yeah
Choosin’ Up
The Runaway 1958
Moving In 1972
Girl at the
The Prom
March 1949
How to Diet
A day in the life of a Boy
Norman Perceval ROCKWELL
New York,
February 3rd 1894
November 8th 1978
A great illustrator
and painter.
A storyteller artist.
A famous illustrator
Norman Rockwell is remembered for his
heartwarming illustrations of American life
that appeared on covers of the "Saturday
Evening Post" magazine for many decades.
From 1916 to 1963 he produced 317 covers.
His style
Most of his works are humorous treatments
of idealized small-town and family life.
He developed a style of finely drawn
realism with a lot of anecdotal details.
His success
He was an extremely popular illustrator.
During World War II, posters of his Four
Freedoms were distributed by the Office
of War Information.
The Four Freedoms
The Four Freedoms are goals
famously articulated by United
States president Franklin D.
ROOSEVELT on January 6th 1941.
In the Four Freedoms speech,
Roosevelt enumerated four points
as fundamental freedoms for
humans « everywhere in the world ».
Freedom of Speech and
Expression 1943
Religious Freedom
A call for a
reduction of
The public loved his paintings.
However Rockwell's work was often dismissed
by critics.
Late in his career, he turned to more serious
subjects (e.g., a series on racism for Look
magazine) and began to receive more serious
attention, and in the 1990s his critical
reputation enjoyed a positive reassessment.
1.What was his name?
• 2.Where and when was he born?
• 3.When did he die?
• 4.What was his job? (2)
• 5.Can you describe his style?
• 6.What did he work for?
• 7.Was he popular?
• 8.Did the critics like him?
• 9.What did he do to help during WWII?
• 10.Can you name the 4..?
• 11.Who made the related speech and in what year?
• 12.What subjects did he paint later in his carreer? Give
an example.
• 13.Did he smoke the pipe?