End-of-Year (EOY) for NC

End-of-Year (EOY) for NC
Terra Dominguez
Melissa Conover
May 30, 2014
• LEA / Charter NC-SIS PowerSchool
• Tech Directors
Shut-down Window Updates
NC Specific
Documentation and Resources
• DPI Shut-down begins June 27th, 5pm
• Validations must be complete prior to June 27th
• All LEAs / Charters must provide a 24/7 contact person even if
DPI executes EOY process for LEA
• LEAs / Charters may execute EOY on their own instance
– First cut posted: http://www.nc-sis.org/EOY.html
– Remedy tickets being reviewed for updates
Shut-down Window Updates
• DPI has turned off the Perform EOY and Promote Student
• DPI will turn the option on and inform those LEA/Charters
executing EOY
• LEA and school level users will be locked out of PowerSchool
• 24/7 contact will be unlocked after back-ups of the system are
• 24/7 contact may unlock any other staff that will assist in
Post-EOY validation
NC Specific – Schools Below 300
• All LEAs and Charters ‘below 300’ schools
• Uses :
– Students not included in state compliance reporting
– federal reporting
– created with a specific NC requirement
– LEA specific needs
NC Specific – Schools Below 300 ..
• Examples
292 – CECAS (program school – federal reporting)
293 – LEP (program school – federal reporting)
294 – Migrant (program school – federal reporting)
295 – Neglected and Delinquent (program school – federal reporting)
296 – FTE (NC specific requirement – allows updates to re-enrollment records)
297 – Homeless (program school – federal reporting)
123 – Happy Sunshine Daycare (completely made up as an LEA example)
NC Specific – Schools Below 300 ..
• Program and FTE schools must have all grade levels defined
• All open schools for SY 2014-2015 must have school set-up
tasks completed as part of PRE-EOY
• LEA level: If you are unable to see these schools in your dropdown list and should have access, follow the steps for adding
a school to your security set-up
• DPI will update the Admission Status to N1 for active students
in school numbers below 300 after EOY
– N1 will ensure the PMR is not negatively impacted when
the student record is transferred to a traditional school
NC Specific –
Exit Codes specific to EOY will be updated based on
NC requirements
W6 (W6 High school Graduate)
 RADM (Retention-Admin
PRN (Promoted New School)
 RATN (Retention-Local Stds-Atten)
PR (PR Promoted)
RACD (Retention-Local Stds-Acad)  RSTA (Retention-State Standards)
NC Specific –
Promotion/Retention/Graduation ..
• Retention
– Select the retention code that applies to the
greatest number of students.
– Keep a list of students whose retention record will
need to be updated to the appropriate retention
code after EOY
• Demoted
– North Carolina will not use the Demoted option.
NC Specific – Student Transfers
• Process differs from the previous YET process.
• NC requires students be promoted, retained or graduated
using EOY if active on the last day school
– EOY promotes the student to their next grade and next school.
– If the student is not active at the time EOY is run, the grade level will
not be updated
NC Specific – Transfers out of LEA
• Student record must remain active to process through EOY
• Must have next school identified
– Use the default school within LEA as next school
• Student will be promoted and transferred within in the LEA
• Withdraw student as No Show (entry date = exit date) after
EOY and within first 10 days of SY 2014-2015
• If receiving LEA gets an error when preforming Transfer
Student Record process, contact the school where the student
record is incorrectly admitted and request withdraw
NC Specific – Transfers out of Charter
• Set the Default Next School to school number 296 (FTE
• FTE school must have all grade levels defined
• Students must be placed in a Transfer Out status after EOY by
a member of the Charter School
NC Specific – Graduating Students
Promoted with Exit Code W6
Must have next grade as 99
Must have next school as 999999 / Graduate School
During the school year 2013-2014 some early graduates were
mistakenly placed in the Graduated school
– DPI will move these students back to the original school of record for
reporting purposes and then move them back to the Graduated school
– More information on this process will be forthcoming
NC Specific – Program Schools
• Information pending
– Migrant Program School (294)
– Neglected and Delinquent Program School (295)
– Homeless Program School (297)
NC Specific – Program Schools - LEP
• Student records may be transferred to another
school in the district during the EOY
• Students who transfer out of the program or LEA
should be promoted or retained during the EOY
– The Next School should = 293.
– After EOY place the student record in a Transfer Out
• Must have all NC grade levels defined
NC Specific – Program Schools - CECAS
• Must be promoted to next grade and school or
retained in the program school
• May be transferred out to another school in LEA
• If student has reached grade 13 and is still receiving
services, set the Next Grade to 13
– Student will appear retained
– After EOY, make a note in the comment section of the
student’s Transfer record indicating the student has
achieved the highest grade level and still receiving services
NC Specific – Program Schools – CECAS..
• Graduates should be promoted with the exit code
of W6
• Must have Next School set to 999999 / Graduate
• Students who transfer out of the program or LEA
should be promoted or retained during the EOY
– Next School should = 292.
– After EOY is complete, place the student record in a
Transfer Out state
• Must have all NC grade levels defined
Pre-EOY Tasks
• Complete in order
– Validate School Enrollments (recommended)
– Validate Section Enrollments (recommended)
– Print Reports (recommended) (see Appendix B for a
complete list)
• Print PowerSchool ‘canned’ reports that cannot produce student
data from prior years
• Any object reports the LEA has created
• Report Cards
• DPI Transcripts
• Export State Reports
Pre-EOY Tasks…
Create Years and Terms (required)
Assign Next School Indicators (required)
Assign Next Year Grade Values (required)
Clear Activities (optional/recommended)
Configure Default Grade Level for FTEs (required)
Configure Fees (optional/recommended)
Complete Scheduling (required)
Print Meal Transactions and PowerLunch Reports
– Export Historical Grades (optional)
Other Tasks Prior to EOY
• Complete State Reports
• Complete CTE Concentrator Survey Process
• Enroll New Students
Demo – School Level Field Review
• Key fields to review:
– Next_School
• The school will the student be attending in the 2014-15 school year
– Sched_Nextyeargrade
• The grade will the student be enrolled in during the 2014-2015 school
– Grade_Level
• The student’s current grade level
– Schoolid
• The student’s current school
• Detailed examples located in End of Year User Guide:
Other Info
• No June 3rd Tuesday Tech Webinar
• Athletic Eligibility run before EOY - released to DPI-QA
on Thursday, May 29
• This weekend
– Grad Plan course updates
– AIG Update - this weekend
– SAR Updates this weekend
• SAR date extended until June 13
• Import of EC 3rd party continues - vendor providing
new files
Thank you!
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Available: Monday - Friday
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Phone: 919-807-4357
Email: homebase.incidents@its.nc.gov
(Please do not send an email to this address unless you are a designated
school official authorized to submit service desk tickets to Home Base
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